10 Keys To Organize Your Business Trip

10 Keys To Organize Your Business Trip

Documentation, flight reservations, transfers, hotel services and luggage are some of the issues that you should pay attention to before leaving.

To avoid the stress they generate, to make the most of your time outside, to reduce the risk of complications with schedules and also to be able to enjoy them, we share some recommendations to consider before organizing your next trip for work reasons.


Before confirming the reservation, check that you have in order the necessary documentation, visas and vaccinations required to enter the destination. Most airlines offer promotions for their frequent flyers, remember to always carry your points card. 

In the future you will be able to obtain ticket benefits at no cost or fly in a higher category than the one you paid for. Although one tends to choose the cheapest rate, make sure you have an option to change the dates and times in case you need it.

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To choose the location the key is in the duration of the trip. When it is a few hours, it is best to choose one that is between the businesses and the airport. There are even hotels that offer a reduced rate for resting for a couple of hours during the day. If we know that we have free time, a downtown hotel will provide more facilities for tourist or gastronomic getaways.

If the hotel will be our base of operations for meetings and work, it must have some special features such as a meeting room, minibar, cafeteria or bar service throughout the day and a safe to store your valuables. Be sure to check if the Wi-Fi connection is included in the rate and if the access includes the room.


When confirming your reservation, check the allowed weight of luggage, which may vary depending on the destination or the company. To choose the suitcase you have to take into account the size and material. If we carry delicate objects, the ideal is a rigid suitcase, but if it is clothing, the most suitable is a suitcase made of soft material that does not weigh too much and is easy to carry. 

Some hotels recommend clothing that is cotton or lightly ironed; some type of sweater or coat for the plane due to their low temperatures, and a different outfit if there are scheduled outings or events outside of working hours.


You must also check the weight and measurements allowed, be it a backpack, a purse or a briefcase. It is essential to include our agenda, phone number, contacts, hotel address, taxi company phone number, passport and all the necessary information to avoid unforeseen events.

It is also advisable to bring some amount of money from the local currency, if the trip is abroad, or dollars. And pay attention to airport security, avoiding cosmetics, liquids and metallic objects.


Having hired some type of transport before arriving at the destination is always a good help since it allows us to save time and comfort and is safer in certain destinations. There are many types of services, taxis, shuttle buses or even limousines, which in many cities around the world can be cheaper than taxis. In some destinations, renting a car can also be an option.

Travel Insurance:

Many times they are included in the health coverage or in the credit card, or the travel agency can advise you so that you have some type of medical coverage abroad. In some countries it is even an entry requirement.

Organization of Time:

In general, business travelers have extremely tight schedules. It doesn’t hurt to plan some extra time, especially around flight times, for contingencies like traffic or meetings that take longer than necessary. You also have to take into account the time difference of the country of destination compared to the country of origin to avoid confusion. We must not forget either to verify the days and working hours in other countries.

Electronic Devices:

Telephone, laptop, tablet, camera, music player, etc… Although the modern devices that surround us are designed to make our lives easier, organizing a trip with digital equipment implies certain complications. The important thing is not to exaggerate and take what is necessary, being able to do without some of them for a few days. 

When traveling abroad, one of the things to bring is a universal power adapter that works with plugs in many countries. Smartphones are a good alternative to access the Internet. Remember to go into the settings panel and turn off long distance roaming to avoid costs and take advantage of Wi-Fi availability instead.


Business trips can lead to long waits at airports and disruptions such as lost luggage, endless schedules, and family conflicts. To reduce the impact of stressful situations and that they do not generate health consequences, it is good to take breaks, do physical activity and eat healthy. You can appeal to resources so that even waiting and traveling times are pleasant, such as reading a book, listening to music or watching a movie.

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