Internet – A place for Honest Discourse or A Social Trash Bin?

Internet – A place for Honest Discourse or A Social Trash Bin?

After the rise of the internet ascended several modes of communication that made interaction faster and a lot easier. And today, conversations between individuals are no more private; there are a lot more group conversations involving some grave matters, and influential personalities of the world being held openly.

The global element of the internet is great, and all but it brings us to one of the most critical questions, is it really a virtuous place to depend on for accurate information?


The answer to it may not be simple, but by being attentive and roaming the world of the internet a few years, you can actually pick out the informative from noise. Discourse on several news sites that solely exist to aware the public and some anonymous sites are the real gems of the internet. These are platforms that are exclusively based on honesty with unbiasedness as their key claim.

Still, you need to be careful and choose channels that have the best reviews and a good history with the public.

On the other hand, if we look at several social media platforms, dating sites, and other societal online areas, it can be hard to find sincerity. Everyone is trying to look better and achieve some followings-enhancing goals. For this, they can lie, pose themselves as someone they are not, and bring harm to others.

Most of the information on social media platforms can be either severely biased or misleading. And picking one wrong information from this side of the internet can leave a person in a distressed state after a time when they realize it to be utterly of no use.

In conclusion, the internet is both a gift of an honest dwelling and a place that consists of useless and biased information, and it all depends on your judgment and the path you wish to walk upon to get the best out of it.

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