How to Rent a Villa in Goa: A Guide for First-Timers

How to Rent a Villa in Goa: A Guide for First-Timers

Villas in Goa are the most popular accommodation option for wealthy tourists or large groups of people, taking into account the no neighbors and almost complete freedom.

How to choose a villa and accommodation in Goa?

Villas in Goa are usually called houses that have their own surrounding area, often fenced and guarded. Sometimes you may find a swimming pool on the villa territory (which is very rare in North Goa). Villas in Goa, usually, have a higher comfort level (air conditioners, televisions, Internet) and almost always have a service staff, however, all these details need to be clarified with the owners, because there are no standards for the level of service in India.

If you want to rent a villa in Goa for a month or more, then usually the price is significantly lower, although as mentioned above, it all depends on the owners.

Features of rental accommodation in Goa

One of the most unpleasant features of a coastal holiday is that the accommodation prices in Goa are 1.5-2 times higher when booking in advance than when renting just in Goa.

No one can give you guarantees that the villa you have seen in the photo will be the same as the real villa. However, this is a Goan mentality feature, don’t be surprised. Thus, when choosing a villa for rent in Goa, consider some other features:

Windows placement. It is preferable that they are located on the north side and do not rest against the nearest neighbors.

Surroundings. Roads, construction sites, and large tourist sites may spoil your relaxing holiday. Villas with trash or outbuildings with livestock nearby should also be swept away: noisy, dirty, and do not contribute to a good mood.

Villa comfort itself. Even if you are not interested in hot water or the presence of a TV, go inside. You are going to spend a lot of time in the villa on your vacation. If the air circulates poorly there or the roof is heated, the living conditions will be unbearable. It doesn’t hurt to check all communications either. Even sockets.

Safety. Windows and doors must close securely.

Good hosts. The sympathy that arises at the first contact justifies itself with good relationships and an acceptable service level.

What is the difference between rental prices in the north and south of Goa?

In North Goa, the variety of villas, bungalows, apartments, and guest houses is much wider than in South Goa. Downshifters have historically stopped here. In the south, the entire infrastructure revolves around hotels and package tourists. Therefore, on average, accommodation in the south will cost 30-40% more expensive than in the north.

Those who wish to stay in a great apartment can go to the beaches of Varka, Kavelossim, Utorda, Majord, Kolva, and Benalum. There is all the necessary tourist infrastructure and a large number of cafes and restaurants. At the same time, the area is sparsely populated. The elite part of South Goa is considered to be Kavelossim Beach, which has expensive luxury 5* hotels and a developed beach infrastructure, which, however, does not work during the rainy season, while the entire infrastructure on the beaches of Colva and Benalum operates all year round, regardless of the season.

Don Paula Beach, favored by surfers, is deservedly considered one of the best beaches in the state, it often appears in Indian movies.

The beaches of North Goa are in demand among budget tourists and young people, and there are almost no chic hotels, villas, or restaurants. The most famous are the beaches of Arambol and Anjuna. Vagator Beach is no less popular — a large sandy area with a developed infrastructure and wide accommodations variety of different price ranges.

Experienced tourists, usually, prefer accommodations located near the beaches of Calangute, Baga, and Candolim. Moreover, tourists from India who arrived from other states often rest here. There are mainly 3-4* hotels here, but there are also expensive 5* hotels, many cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, and yoga centers. Morjim beach is most often chosen by domestic tourists.

Excellent places to relax in North Goa are the sandy beaches of Mandrem and Ashvem, which offer guests a developed infrastructure with a large number of cafes, restaurants, hotels, bungalows, and villas while remaining oases of peace and quiet.


Firstly, you’re in India, thus, the price announced by the owner is not final. As a rule, it is overestimated by 1.5-2 and even 3 times. At the beginning of the deal, call the lowest price. After that, you may find the sweet spot. In the case when it is difficult to bring down the price, but you like the villa, you should not hurry, it is better to think for a couple of days. At the next meeting, the owner may lower the price. Although there is a risk that during this time someone else can rent a villa you like.

After the lease term has been negotiated, conclude a contract that prescribes all the conditions. The Agreement is concluded in two copies. After signing the agreement, you should take a receipt from the owner for receiving rent payment for a certain period in the appropriate amount. If you decide to move, warn the owner in advance. In this case, he will have time to find new guests and not lose money. The main thing, in this case, is attentiveness (concluding the contract), politeness, and honesty (warning about moving).

We hope you find this article useful and inspiring! Have a nice holiday in your perfect villa for rent in Goa!

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