How to create a best Digital Wedding Invitation

How to create a best Digital Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation is a part and parcel object in the preparation of a wedding. The world is progressing day by day with events and especially weddings. People always like to add digital means in their wedding theme to look modern and advanced.

Digital wedding invitations have captured the attention of the audience very quickly in the modern world. Now couples can add the life journey including a loving message in the form of a digital invitation video. We can make videos online related to wedding invitations by using Doratoon.  

Doratoon for Creation of Wedding Invitation

Doratoon is playing a vital role in this field and contains amazing tools for the users. A person will be amazed after having a glance at the results of Doratoon. In the case of creating wedding invitations in Doratoon, there are a lot of tools and features that contribute to making the invitation more advanced and appealing. 

Doratoon never fails in providing users unique and sublime results. It contains amazing wedding templates that enhance the appearance and attraction of video. If you are planning for a wedding invitation or in search of a platform for the creation of your wedding invitation. Then you can easily create a small video where you are free to add text and related pictures in it.

Doratoon provides amazing features to its users according to their demands due to which it contains a large number of characters as well as props. Almost 1000+ options are available to the user to fulfill the needs. It also provides a unique and amazing style of cartoons to make an attractive work.

Doratoon allows users to add pictures of the bride and groom. You can add different drawings by using the artificial intelligence of the tool. The tool provides the facility of music as well as dubbing options using artificial intelligence.

Steps for creating wedding invitations:

It becomes important for the wedding host to structure the invitation that will surely grab guests’ attraction toward itself. Given steps must be followed to create a digital wedding invitation using Doratoon:

Step 1:

To create a digital wedding invitation, gain access to the official website of Doratoon on any Browser. Then sign up to the website by using the sign-up button. 

Step 2:

Click on the ‘Create a new video’ option on the left side of the screen and the system will ask about the method to create a video. Or you can select the template you want directly.

Step 3:

You can add background, props, characters, music, and templates according to the theme of the wedding. After selecting the desired style, the user will be redirected to the editing section.

Step 4:

You can also work on the brightness, color, laying, and filter of the video. You can export or save the video by adding the title or tag of the video. 

Doratoon allows its users to create animations regarding wedding invitations. For this, there are a lot of templates available on the platform for the creation of all types of wedding invitations. Not only templates, but a person can also add pictures in the video to clarify the scene and its beauty. 

Besides, if you want to work a step ahead in technology then you can invite guests in the form of a video. In the video, a user can add different animations from Doratoon as a background of the video that will enhance the beauty and charm of the invitation. 

We can also visit SOOMUS for further editing of the invitation video by working in collaboration with Doratoon characters and themes.

Reasons for considering the Doratoon website:

Certain reasons force the user to choose Doratoon for the creation of digital wedding invitations. Although, there are a lot of several platforms that are providing users with the same features as Doratoon does. But given tips made Doratoon more powerful and reliable:

Unlimited templates:

The most important and amazing feature of Doratoon is its templates. These features enable users to create their digital wedding invitations easily without having any kind of error or trouble. 

Readymade templates are the best option for the ones who want to save time as well as money. Not only the readymade material rather a person can also have a customized template according to the theme of the wedding. 


Doratoon is a very reliable and trustworthy website. All the users who have used Doratoon before are totally satisfied with its interface. In short, if you decide to use Doratoon for a wedding invitation then it is sure that you will be satisfied with its amazing results. 

The reviews of the customers are so satisfied that the reliability is enhanced just by looking. The website also works to provide unique and best results without any copyright issues.


The other feature that increases the demand for Doratoon among its users is its user-friendly interface. Even such a person who does not know how to edit at the beginning level can work on the Doratoon without any problem. 

It is considered the best for creating digital wedding invitations due to its special templates for wedding invitations. The procedure to use this tool is simple as discussed above. 

Ending remarks:

The above article is all about the basic details about the creation of the best digital wedding invitation. A person can consider a Doratoon website for all his work. It has a strong credibility in the online market which is quite enough to satisfy the users.

The main reason for choosing Doratoon for the creation of wedding invitations is the presence of several wedding templates that enhance the beauty of the video. The steps to use this tool are so simple and easy that a person feels relaxed to use it. 

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