How Data Science Can Help in Fighting Global Warming

How Data Science Can Help in Fighting Global Warming

Global warming! One of the most outrageous issues of the earth. The Data Science adverse effect of global warming draws the attention of every conscious citizen of the globe. And many scientists stated that we have already spent lots of time becoming conscious of furious effects. In this article, we have tried to cover how data science plays a major role to fight against Global Warming.

The utility of Data Science on Global warming prevention policies

Different policies and essential strategies are designed to prevent the phenomenon of climate change as well as global warming by using predictive analysis through Data Science.

Both the government and several non-profit organizations have their eyes on tacking this situation with the help of advanced technology. Data science, with its predictive and precautionary methodologies, has become popular among these entities. The enormous amount of data on different variables such as carbon emission, temperature change, forest & deforestation, sea levels, and more are collecting and analyzing through using some essential data analysis tools. These effective tools are trying to establish a correlation between several variables, actionable insights, and proactive precautions that can be taken by the authority.

How data science is insisting the fight against global warming is described below.

  1. Mapping the crucial surface areas

The initial step of problem-solving is finding the cause. We try to understand the matter as humanly possible. To solve the problem of global warming and climate change, we need a thorough analysis of what are the most significant causes of environmental harm and its consequences on our planet.

Continuous emission of harmful greenhouse gasses is the main cause of climate change, global warming and long-lasting negative effects on our nature. It affects the ecosystem of different regions in different manners. Firstly, we need to understand how the environmental condition of the world is different from yesterday and predict what will be the state of tomorrow.

Data science works effectively in this particular field. The ‘Landsat technology’ of NASA offers an effective look at the land surface of our planet. Believe it or not, this technology is really incredible. It also shows how the land surface of our earth has been changed over the years.  Another international organization of environmental science is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. They also adopt some beneficial tools and techniques like surging seas, Global forest power to collect and access the vast collection of data regarding climatic changes. They also analyze the major changes of our planet.

2. Pointing out the actual pictures

After identifying the affected areas, you need to make a strong focus on it to solve the problem. Just like this, Data Science is sharpening the actual pictures of the affected zones. This strategy is the same as orbit insight. By using some geospatial tools data scientists are trying to monitor the forest-covered areas, flood or drought-affected areas, and more. These tools offer more transparency than any manual survey.

Recently the Climate Change organization of America has adopted some resolution to reduce the level of greenhouse gasses through some updated technologies, related to data science. They are trying to implement more and more satellite-based tools to create a carbon monitoring map throughout the world. Especially, to sharpen the actual pictures of the world through some satellite-based tools

For point out the actual pictures data scientists usually use these kinds of effective tools:

a. Surging Seas

Along with land areas, the marine ecosystems of different regions are severely affected too to cure these harmful effects, the department of Data science of the organization of Climate Central has developed an interactive map and tool named ‘Surging Seas’. This map provides data, especially on the rising sea levels in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Simply you can access this map to see the present level of seas in different places. You can also see action plans, flood warnings, sea-level patterns, embedded widgets, historical data, and more. According to a renowned data scientist, vice president of strategic communications, and the director of Climate Central, Richard Wiles, “Our Strategy is to aware people of the climate of their locality in such ways which they can understand, and the way is dealing with big data analysis.”

Surging Seas

b. International/Global Forest Power

Global Forest Power or International Forest Power is a tool that helps you to track the exact forest-cover areas across the globe. This emerging tool also provides a unique interactive map that offers a handful of information to show the forest areas, the deforested areas within a specific region. Indonesian Government adopted this Global Forest power map to identify the exact location which is covered by the trees. The government has planned for developing more plantations in those blank areas.

c. – the predictive tool

Data scientists use to collect huge data related to the causes and effects of previous disasters. It consists of more than 192289 datasets on a particular array of different topics. Usually, these datasets offer credible and updated information on different climate-related issues. This online portal helps the government to predict natural disasters (if possible) and take an effective decision where necessary. - the predictive tool

3. Spreading awareness

The international organization Global Pulse, NASA, US EPA are working to collect, analyze and access data about different climate topics to take the necessary action. After gathering some collective data, a governmental or a non-governmental organization can spread awareness among the people. It is a very effective way to decrease the rate of pollution and prevent global warming through growing social awareness. Modern analytical technologies, predictive systems, and machine learning play a major role in the future to prevent climatic problems.

Now it is totally clear that data science and data analysis are dealing with climate change, natural disasters, and of course global warming. This advanced analysis helps the government to make effective policies that can prevent huge losses. In fact, data science seems to be an unavoidable component of different climate policies of a country. Big Data is a kind of technology of data science has been able to access the huge volumes of climate data and offers real-time analysis.

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