A complete guide for the student to study after 12th class

A complete guide for the student to study after 12th class

Once completing high school, one of the major questions you can hear around campuses, tuitions and homes is “what after 12th?” This question baffles thousands of students every year and puts them in the thought process of work options, further courses, career possibilities, their passion and interests. Despite abundant information on the internet, the lack of career guidance often puts students on the wrong career path after their 12th. There are various alternatives such as Commerce, Science and Art courses after 12th PCB that students can pursue based on their interests and capabilities.  

Choosing a further educational path after the 12th is not easy as it sounds. Instead, students must put a lot of thought into making that decision. They should consider their goals, desires and interests when choosing courses to study after their 12th.

Apart from the obvious choices like doctorate and engineering, some other prominent education streams are Business Studies, Management, Hospitality, Applied Science, Law, Design, Economics, Humanities, Media, Social Sciences and many more. Despite the abundant course options available, choosing the right course can be overwhelming for many. Don’t worry; here are some courses you can take after your 12th.  

Science is one of the most popular streams chosen by 12th students. It allows you to opt for courses like medical, engineering, architecture, law, business management, etc. Along with these courses, there are many other courses that you can choose from. Here are some of them.   

Courses after 12th Science PCM  

Software engineer: A software engineer develops software applications, tools, and digital solutions. Software engineering consists of a 4-year degree course that teaches various software development languages, platforms, and tools that will help you pursue a career in the software industry.  

Environmental Engineer– Environmental engineering course teaches about using science and technology to create solutions that protect and sustain the environment. It is a 4-year degree course.  

Chemical Engineer: If you loved chemistry in your school and 12th, this might be a good career choice. Chemical engineers play a crucial role in producing industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and energy. They are also actively researching and developing various solutions to improve manufacturing and product quality. Chemical engineering is a 4-year degree course.  

Aeronautical engineer: If you love aeroplanes and want to make a career around planes, there’s good news for you. In aeronautical engineering, you study commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft, equipment and missile manufacturing and designs.   

Architect: Did you love building castles on the beach? Or perhaps the forts are made of cardboard boxes? There might be a hidden architect inside you. Bachelor of Architecture is a 5-year degree course that teaches you in-depth knowledge of architecture, designs, building homes, commercial spaces, outdoor spaces, stadiums and many other buildings you see around you.   

Data scientist: In the world of technology, data rules everything. It is the core of business intelligence and governs the success or failure of a business. Companies derive knowledge by studying data, and data scientists are the individuals who are responsible for that. To become a professional data scientist, one has to complete a 4-year degree course in data science that will teach you various techniques, tools and concepts for analysing data and deriving business intelligence from it that help businesses make better decisions.  

Product Designer: Every year, you see unique designs of products and consumer goods in the market. They have unique features that enhance the appearance and functionality of the product. All that happens thanks to the skills and work of product designers. Product designers study consumer behaviour, needs and market trends and design products based on them. It helps businesses to solve customer problems by improving product design. It is a great career opportunity after the 12th if you love to work with design software and have a knack for sketching.  

Courses after 12th PCB 

12th PCB allows you to choose from plenty of lucrative courses that would lead to a promising career. Here are some of the courses after the 12th PCB that you can pursue.  

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery):  

If you ever envied doctors in their white coats and wanted to serve humanity, healing people from their sickness, you can do MBBS, which would lead you to become a doctor. It is a 5 to 6-year degree course and requires a lot of focus on your studies. After all, people’s health lies in your hands when you become a doctor. 

BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery):  

India has a rich heritage of Ayurveda. It offers ancient knowledge to heal countless illnesses, and millions of people trust ayurvedic medicines to get better. You can pursue your career in ayurvedic medicine and surgery by pursuing the BAMS course, which spans five years.  

BHMS (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery) 

Homoeopathy is a stream of alternative medicine. Millions of people take homoeopathic medicines as they have no side effects. If you want to become a homoeopathic medicine expert, you can take up the BHMS, which is a 5.5-year degree course. It 

BSc (Bachelor of Science) 

Students that are interested in research and experimentation choose a BSc programme. The BSc course has subcourses such as computer science, Biotechnology, Microbiology, IT, Forensic Science, etc. In any of the above BSc courses, students engage in both theoretical and practical learning approaches. It is a three-year degree course, and students need to take English and Science as their core subjects. 

BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) 

Dentists are the professionals who ensure your oral health stays top-notch. They inspect and diagnose various oral health issues and suggest appropriate treatments to the patients. Many other specialisation courses let you specialise in a particular expertise area of dentistry. If you want to pursue a dental or oral health specialist career, you should opt for a BDS course.  

B.Pharm. (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) is an undergraduate pharmacy degree programme. After class 12, B.Pharm is a common job-oriented course among scientific students. Students in this course learn about pharmaceuticals, medications, pharmaceutical engineering, medicinal chemistry, and other topics. This course offers several work prospects in India’s public and private medical sectors. 

People often tell students to study till 12th, and then it’s a smooth road ahead. But in reality, the 12th is the turning point for your career. Instead of listening to people for career advice, know your interests and seek guidance from a career counsellor who can guide you towards the right career path based on your interest, learning capacity, and financial situation

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