Your Guide to Finding a Facial Plastic Surgeon

Your Guide to Finding a Facial Plastic Surgeon

Let’s face it – making the decision to get an elective cosmetic surgery is not an easy one.  There are a lot of factors at play that we have to keep track of and remember.  Yet, millions of people go through with it each year.  How do they do it?

Perhaps the most important step along the way is to find the right plastic surgeon for our needs.  After all, there are stringent requirements set upon these professionals in terms of them keeping their certification.  You can read about them here,, but the basics are that they have to maintain their studies each year and have demonstrable patient results that are positive.

Unfortunately, finding a good one is definitely easier said than done.  In fact, since there are now so many doctors in entirely unrelated fields offering the procedures, we have to be a lot more careful in our selection process.  If you have been struggling with locating one that could work for you, be sure to stay and continue reading!

What is Plastic Surgery, anyway?

Naturally, having an understanding of this is a prerequisite for finding a surgeon in the first place, so let me briefly explain it.  While it is easy to assume that it has something to do with “artificial,” it actually comes from an ancient Greek word, so that is not the intention behind getting it.  Rather, it is technically defined as being a process that can enhance physical appearance or help mend certain afflictions involving scars, birthmarks, or other such things that someone could want altered.

Most of the recipients are having not just appearance restored, but also function (to some extent, at least).  This is why I think it is so important to reduce the stigma surrounding plastic surgery – it is not an inherently bad or evil thing, and no one should be judged for having it done.  So, what are some of the common things addressed?

Tattoo removal is one of them, though it is not all that popular when most of the time a tattoo can simply be altered or covered up somehow.  Scars on the skin, be they from burns or skin cancer, can be removed or reduced.  Additionally, any congenital anomalies that are negatively impacting a person’s life can be addressed, such as a cleft lip or palette or deformed ears.

There are two different categories that fall under the umbrella of plastic surgery.  These are reconstructive and cosmetic.  The former addresses many of the things that I mentioned above as well as damage from tumors, diseases, or even trauma.

For cosmetic, though, they are generally referred to as elective.  One such is facial plastic surgery, which could include a nose job, lip fillers, or filling in wrinkles and fine lines.  There are some other examples as well, of course, and it is probably best to get a consultation with a licensed physician before making any firm decisions either way.  After all, there are some risks involved.

You could end up getting an infection at the site of the operation or react poorly to the anesthetics used.  There is unfortunately always a chance that something could go wrong.  Thus, educating ourselves on the process is a big step in actually getting work done.

What to Look for in a Plastic Surgeon

Obviously, there are many factors at play to consider when it comes to finding the right plastic surgeon.  That being said, I am here to offer you a checklist of sorts for when you decide to tackle the task.  Hopefully it can provide some useful insights!

Make Sure they are Certified

Starting with perhaps the most important point is this one: be sure to research your choices and ensure that they are board-certified.  Why should we not just rely on the state verification processes, though?  Well, it comes down to the fact that states do not require surgeons to be proficiently educated and trained on the specific procedures that they offer.

Thus, it is typically best to trust other certifications above the state ones.  You can also check and make sure that what the surgeon offers are accepted by these national organizations – otherwise, they could be untested techniques.  Generally, this is a safety thing.  Ending up with a botched operation from a hack doctor certainly is not on my to-do list.

Look at Their Previous Work

While the focus may not always be purely on aesthetics when it comes to these operations, there is no denying that there is always a cosmetic component to them.  So, you may want to consider checking out the previous work of any surgeons that you are currently considering.  This can give you an idea of how they make their patients look!

Before and after photos are one of the best resources for doing this, if they are available on the website or something like that.  You could also inquire directly with the doctor, if they do not have any examples publicly available.  It will mostly be up to your personal preferences and how discreet you want to be, of course.

As you do this, though, do be sure to look at patients who are at least somewhat similar to you.  By that, I mean that they have issues that you are looking to have remedied as well.  See what that specific surgeon does to address that, and the results that they get.  If you do not like what you observe, they may not be a match.

They Make You Feel Comfortable

Reading blogs like this one demonstrate that forming connections between doctors and patients is an important part of any medical process, be that plastic surgery or some other treatment.  Therefore, I consider finding a physician that makes you feel safe and comfortable consulting and confiding in them quite critical in terms of selecting one that suits your personal needs.  Being able to trust them is definitely a must.

Beyond that, though, they should be personable and approachable.  When you have questions, they should be able to answer them without judgement.  Those are all important qualities in a good one.  The customer service at their establishment can be evaluated similarly, of course – there should never be moments of unfriendliness that makes you feel like you are not wanted there!

They Specialize in What You Want Done

Now, perhaps this seems like an odd point to make.  At first glance, it is certainly easy to assume that all plastic surgeons are the same and can do the same operations.  However, this could not be further from the truth.

If you are getting facial cosmetic surgery, chances are you would not want to have it performed by someone who specializes in breast enhancements, right?  So, that is why I highlight this – you should look at their website carefully and talk to customer service or to them directly in a consultation if you are uncertain at any point.  It is okay to tell them that they are not the right fit for you if they do not have experience with the procedure that you want.

How to Find One, then?

Right – so, now you have your checklist.  How can we actually take action, though?  There are a few methods that could ease the process for you, since I know that it can certainly feel daunting.  What are they?

The first thing that you could consider doing is talking to your friends and family members.  It may even be worth touching base with acquaintances if you know that they have had a procedure done (be that restorative or cosmetic).  Often, they can refer you to a doctor that they like!  Just make sure that they are someone whose judgment you trust, otherwise the advice may not be all that meaningful to you.

Look at the surgeons who have facilities in your area.  While you do that, check out any reviews that are left on their page and/or on the results page for your search browser.  Naturally, this can offer you some perspective on how other patients and customers have felt with their results and with the overall process.  Information like that is to be cherished!

Once you are finally ready to start your consultations, though, how can you prepare for that?  It can definitely be scary.  However, if you come ready to ask questions and armed with some knowledge beforehand, it can really go a long way in making the appointment a success.  Allow me to provide some examples!

Finances are absolutely something to consider carefully, and it does not hurt to ask about them and to clarify certain points in terms of charges.  Usually there is a fee for anesthesia, among other things of course.  Getting the details on that can help you to prepare for the bill at the end.

You should also be ready to tell the surgeon exactly what you are looking to achieve with the procedure.  Whether that is reducing wrinkles or adjusting the shape of your nose or lips, make sure that they are the same page as you and ready to provide you with what you have asked for.  Get a feel for them and see if they are willing and able to do that.

Finally, just remember that there is nothing wrong with getting cosmetic or restorative plastic surgery.  Both are totally valid things to pursue, so long as you are having it done for yourself and not for someone else.  While it may not bring you instantaneous happiness and success, it can certainly give a confidence boost!

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