FeetFinder Reviews: Know Everything To Avoid or Join!

FeetFinder Reviews: Know Everything To Avoid or Join!

After hearing reviews, from others, I thought I would give FeetFinder a try. Unfortunately, my experience turned out to be incredibly disappointing. Not did I end up losing money? I also encountered numerous frustrations with their customer service team and even came close to falling for a scam. In this article, I want to share my selling experience, on FeetFinder so that you can make a decision. Just remember to approach with caution!

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What Actually is a Feet Finder?

Selling feet pics may seem unusual, but it’s a surprisingly common practice, with many people buying and selling them each month. Before venturing into this market, consider the type of foot content you wish to sell, your pricing strategy, and whether you prefer to remain anonymous. Additionally, finding the right foot pic website for your needs is crucial.

While some individuals opt to sell their foot pics on platforms like social media, OnlyFans, or personal websites, others choose dedicated marketplaces tailored specifically for feet pics, such as FeetFinder. Although FeetFinder is widely known in this niche, the question remains: does it live up to its reputation as the ideal platform for exposure and earnings?

Unfortunately, my experience suggests otherwise. FeetFinder has several system faults, a shortage of serious buyers, imposing high fees, and questionable reviews.

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Who Is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder, a platform that gained popularity for its approach, to buying and selling feet pictures positioned itself as a choice compared to its competitors. It was launched in 2019 by a college student who had experience in the foot picture industry and online entrepreneurship. Remarkably within one year the website attracted over 160,000 users. However despite its success many users have expressed disappointment as FeetFinder fell short of delivering on its promises of generating sales and providing sellers with the tools and exposure, for achieving success.

How Does FeetFinder Actually Work?

The foot picture website operates based on a concept; users create profiles. Upload their foot pictures and videos to sales pages organizing them with different tags and keywords. Buyers can use the search bar to find their categories or favorite sellers. Both parties have the option to pay for chat features, which allows them to discuss prices and custom orders. Establish an understanding.

However, the reality is not always straightforward. Private messages are often inundated with messages, from individuals and scammers leaving sellers with support from FeetFinder when dealing with buyers. Some buyers may lead sellers on by requesting foot pictures. Never actually make any payment. Smooth transactions are quite rare, on this platform so it’s possible you may encounter challenges throughout the process.

Step By Step  Sign Up to FeetFinder Seller

To be honest, FeetFinder provides an easy way for sellers to begin. You just have to create a profile add a cover photo and choose a subscription plan. Let me give you an overview of my experience, with the registration process so you’ll have an idea of what to anticipate.

Signing Up

Getting started as a seller, on FeetFinder was a breeze. I simply clicked on the “Sign Up” button on the homepage and chose the option to “Sell Feet Pics “. Got redirected to a welcoming page that explained the process. To prove my identity I had to select a subscription plan and upload a picture of my ID along with a selfie holding the ID. It was a bit tedious since it took a few days for confirmation. Eventually, I received a “Verified Seller” badge on my page. Surprisingly though it didn’t seem to have an impact in attracting buyers.

Up was creating a username and password. They also asked for some details like email and location. I decided to go with the plan instead of splurging on premium or lifetime subscriptions because I thought there might be chances of changing my mind later.

When it came to payments they made sure everything was secure by using networks like Segpay and Paxum. The best part was that they didn’t require any credit card or banking information; they accepted credit cards and PayPal well. Once I selected the plan and payment method they granted me access to the dashboard, without any hassle or complications.

Seller Dashboard

Getting started as a seller, on FeetFinder was a breeze. All I had to do was click the “Sign Up” button on the homepage choose the “Sell Feet Pics” option and it directed me to a page that explained the process. To confirm my identity I had to select a subscription plan and upload both my ID picture and a selfie of me holding the ID. Although it was a bit time-consuming it took a few days for confirmation. Once verified my page displayed a “Verified Seller” badge,. I didn’t notice any impact in attracting buyers.

Up was creating my username and password. They also asked for some information like email and location details. I decided to go with the plan because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to invest more money in premium or lifetime subscriptions since my preferences might change later on.

When it came to payments they were processed through networks like Segpay and Paxum. There was no need for a credit card or banking information. They accepted credit cards well as PayPal. Once I chose the plan and payment method they granted me access, to the dashboard which made this part of the signup process quite straightforward.

How to Increase Sales on FeetFinder?

After completing the elements of my profile I decided to explore my dashboard and make updates to sections of my portfolio. This included sharing information, about my attributes and preferences. It was a way for me to showcase my personality with a touch of playfulness. Along the way I discovered that customers were looking for more than a photo; they wanted a complete experience and an understanding of the person behind the pictures especially when it came to fulfilling their foot fetish desires.

While it’s okay to share some details it’s crucial to be cautious about revealing information that could compromise your identity or security. If buyers start asking questions about matters, location or any identifiable data it’s important to end the conversation immediately and report them to customer support. Unfortunately, I faced situations times while using FeetFinder and their assistance was limited. This made me prioritize my safety while selling feet pictures on their platform.

In an attempt to potentially increase sales, I decided to try out “boosts,” which work similarly to paid Google ads by giving your profile visibility in search results. However considering the cost involved I found that my profile only stayed at the top for more than a day without any significant improvement, in sales.

How Sellers Make Money?

Selling pictures of feet online doesn’t guarantee an income or salary since earnings can vary based on factors, like activity, engagement, content quality and even luck. While some sellers might earn amounts others may not achieve the level of success. It’s worth noting that FeetFinder takes a 20% commission on all sales leaving sellers with 80% of their earnings, which some people find unreasonable.

FeetFinder argues that this commission helps maintain the website ensure safety and security and drive traffic to increase sales. However, sellers may question the benefits they receive for paying such a commission. When pricing foot content sellers need to take this commission into account.

The process of withdrawing funds from FeetFinder is far from straightforward. Sellers have to wait for four weeks before they can request their money and then the amount received may be disappointing compared to their earnings. Additionally, there might be delays in addressing concerns from the support team which can lead to frustration and further delay in accessing earnings. The claimed turnaround time for releasing funds is also longer than initially stated.

All things considered, relying solely on income from FeetFinder to cover expenses is not recommended due, to the commission fees and complexities involved in withdrawing funds.

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Other Ways to Make Money on FeetFinder

FeetFinder doesn’t provide assistance, in helping you earn money so you’ll have to be resourceful. They do have a program where you can receive a percentage of your friend’s sales if they become a seller. The best part is that the commission comes from FeetFinders earnings, not your friends. However, my experience on the site was quite unpleasant. I wouldn’t want anyone I know to go through this process for a few extra bucks.

Selling custom orders can be an option. It can be challenging to find genuine buyers due, to scammers and individuals looking for inappropriate conversations. Engaging in conversations that could potentially lead to custom orders often resulted in “buyers” being explicit and trying to engage in texting making it hard to pursue opportunities.

FeetFinder Pros and Cons For Sellers

Having tried to sell feet pictures on FeetFinder I must say that the platform had its share of advantages and disadvantages. My personal experience sheds light on both the aspects and the not-pleasant ones. I hope that by sharing my story I can help you steer clear of any pitfalls.


Positive Reputation

The reliability of FeetFinder’s reputation, which is primarily based on reviews may not be completely trustworthy. It is important to consider that numerous reviews could be deceptive or influenced by incentives as anyone can write feedback without actually having any genuine experience, with the platform. Even though FeetFinder is a foot pic platform, with a user base and diverse categories its size alone does not guarantee it’s the top choice.

International Clientele

Having a client base, at FeetFinder comes with its pros and cons. On the one hand, it presents the chance for sales. On the other hand it raises concerns, about the security of accounts and personal information when dealing with customers from overseas. Regrettably, the support teams’ help in resolving these matters is often limited.

Secure Payments

FeetFinder does provide payment options through known and reliable systems such, as Segpay and Paxum. However, the payout process can sometimes be quite cumbersome. It might take up to a month or longer to receive the funds despite the platform’s strong focus on ensuring a safe and secure experience, for its users.


Good Platform

The FeetFinder platform can be quite overwhelming, for sellers because of its confusing layout. The design of the website may not give off a vibe with its purple logo, which doesn’t contribute to a positive user experience. Smaller specialized platforms like FunwithFeet might provide navigation, less competition and a friendlier interface for users.

Regarding the competition, FeetFinder faces competition that makes it challenging for sellers to secure sales. Even if sellers focus on a category they still have to contend with overall competition. Moreover, FeetFinder imposes commissions and subscription fees that leave sellers with 80% of their earnings. While subscribing is practically necessary to access tools it doesn’t guarantee an experience, in all cases.

Signing Up

FeetFinder provides a no-cost registration process, for buyers. Unlike sellers, buyers don’t have to undergo identity verification making it easier to create an account. However, the buyer dashboard can be a bit confusing to navigate and searching for content across categories can be quite frustrating. Additionally the use of blurred images until payment confirmation might not contribute significantly to safety since there have been reports of sellers appearing in buyer recommendations.

A while later, the following stage included creating an unmistakable username and secret password. Keep in mind, your username need not mirror your genuine name and, in many cases, it’s better on the off chance that it doesn’t! I propose picking an exceptional, creative, and eye-catching name to assist you with sparkling in the midst of different dealers. Also, I was approached to give a few personal details, for example, my email address and area.

Dashboard Navigation

Navigating the search process, on FeetFinder can be quite a challenge for buyers because of the range of categories available some of which may seem obscure or even taboo. With collections to choose from, like “12 toes ” ” foot dust,” “pink,” and “rubber ” it becomes increasingly difficult to find the desired foot pictures without wasting time clicking and scrolling aimlessly.

Buyers have the option to search for sellers using their names or usernames. The search results are then categorized into three sections; “all sellers,” “recommended sellers ” and “active sellers.” However new buyers who haven’t established any sellers yet are provided with categories to help them get started. Despite this effort, many buyers express confusion and disappointment with the search experience.

While it may be amusing for buyers to explore some categories listed at the bottom of the seller’s page they often find that the content doesn’t align with what’s described in those categories. For instance, clicking on the “MILF” category might lead them to generic foot pictures of actual pictures featuring older women’s feet—an understandably frustrating experience.

Additionally, there is an overlap among categories, on FeetFinder resulting in repetitive content being displayed across different sections. This happens because the foot pictures appear in categories even if they are not relevant which makes it less efficient for buyers to search.

FeetFinder Pros and Cons for Buyers

Before making a decision it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each foot pic platform taking into account your needs, budget and personal preferences. By evaluating these factors you can choose the platform that best aligns, with your requirements and guarantees an experience.


Access to International Users

FeetFinder is known for its availability enabling buyers from, across the globe to make their purchases. However, it can sometimes be tricky to connect with sellers in countries and time zones. Some buyers have encountered difficulties related to payment and variations, in currency rates.

Dozens of Categories and Sellers

FeetFinder provides a selection of categories and sellers offering buyers a range of options when it comes to foot-related content. Nevertheless, the sheer abundance of choices might pose a challenge, for some users who may find it difficult to navigate through and select their preferred content.

Mobile App

FeetFinder provides an app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices making it convenient, for users who’re always on the move. Nonetheless, a few users have expressed frustration due to issues and inconsistencies, between their desktop accounts.

Verified Sellers

To address a concern, among buyers FeetFinder has implemented a two-step authentication process that verifies the identity of sellers. This additional layer of verification aims to provide an experience, for buyers. Despite these efforts, there are still instances where users come across accounts profiles that have not been actively used and sellers who suddenly disappear without any communication.

Free to Use

Users can use FeetFinder at no cost only needing to make payments when they make a purchase. Furthermore, users have the choice to subscribe to sellers for a fee, similar, to OnlyFans. This flexibility enables users to explore without any expenses. Users can use FeetFinder at no cost only needing to make payments when they make a purchase. Furthermore, users have the choice to subscribe to sellers for a fee, similar, to OnlyFans. This flexibility enables users to explore without any expenses. Users can use FeetFinder at no cost only needing to make payments when they make a purchase. Furthermore, users have the choice to subscribe to sellers for a fee, similar, to OnlyFans. This flexibility enables users to explore without any expenses.


Decent Website

Both buyers and sellers, on FeetFinder, are faced with an issue. The layout, design and extensive content. With an abundance of categories, niches, sellers and menu options navigating the platform can be quite challenging. Many professionals and foot enthusiasts find it frustrating and time-consuming to sift through seller profiles and search results. Consequently, some buyers have opted for user-friendly platforms to ensure a smoother experience.

Sellers FeetFinder Reviews

FeetFinder Reviews: Mixed Opinions

When deciding whether to use FeetFinder it’s always an idea to check out reviews. However, it’s important to take them with a grain of salt. Some reviews might seem fake or excessively positive mainly emphasizing customer service of specific features. Conversely, negative reviews tend to shed light on platform functionality problems and unsatisfactory user experiences. When deciding whether to use FeetFinder it’s always an idea to check out reviews. However, it’s important to take them with a grain of salt. Some reviews might seem fake or excessively positive mainly emphasizing customer service of specific features. Conversely, negative reviews tend to shed light on platform functionality problems and unsatisfactory user experiences. When deciding whether to use FeetFinder it’s always an idea to check out reviews. However, it’s important to take them with a grain of salt. Some reviews might seem fake or excessively positive mainly emphasizing customer service of specific features. Conversely, negative reviews tend to shed light on platform functionality problems and unsatisfactory user experiences.

Positive Reviews:

1. Tiffany was grateful, for the prompt and supportive assistance she received while setting up her account.

2. Cupcake discovered that FeetFinder was the platform where she could sell her foot pictures and commended its responsiveness in handling any concerns deeming it the choice.

3. Melanie Sky expressed admiration, for the simplicity and user-friendly nature of FeetFinder recognizing it as a means to earn income.

Negative Reviews:

1. J voiced their frustration regarding the process of creating a username on the website indicating issues, with the functionality of the site.

2. Professional model Gabriella Claudia expressed her disappointment with the absence of rules on the site. Encountered members who attempted to shift communication to other platforms.

3. Prin requested a refund explaining that despite her efforts to enhance her content and engage with users she received no response. This highlights the challenge of competing with sellers, on the platform.

Considering the varying opinions expressed in these reviews it is advisable for potential users to exercise caution and conduct research before deciding whether or not to use FeetFinder.

Buyers FeetFinder Reviews

Buyer Reviews on FeetFinder: Mixed Experiences

Customers of FeetFinder have also expressed their experiences and just like sellers their reviews feature both negative interactions.

Negative Buyer Reviews:

1. KC is really unhappy. Believes that FeetFinder has taken their money without permission.

2. Someone who prefers to remain anonymous has shared their experience of being tricked and struggling to withdraw their funds, which has escalated into a situation involving the police.

3. Emmanuella shares her disappointment with the customer service stating that it was not helpful and felt like a waste of time.

Positive Buyer Reviews:

1. Harley Reed commends the platform, for its effortless user experience, interface and effective algorithm.

2. Coco Fetish highly recommends FeetFinder mentioning that it is user-friendly and has plans to continue utilizing it.

3. OhKingSkittles expresses gratitude for the patient customer support endorsing it to friends who’re interested, in exploring the platform.

Case Studies from Real Users:

Linda, a mother had hopes of earning some extra income by using FeetFinder. However, she encountered issues and delays, with customer service and intense competition among sellers. As a result, she was left disappointed. Felt like she ended up losing money in the process.

Ben, a retired teacher with an interest in feet found the platform to be quite overwhelming. He came across search results. Faced unresponsive customer support. Fortunately for him, he decided against investing any money into the site.

Maggie, a college student who started as a seller, on FeetFinder initially experienced success. However, her sales gradually declined over time. The combination of subscription fees and commissions made it challenging for her to make a profit.

These real-life stories shed light on the difficulties and drawbacks that buyers face when using FeetFinder. It emphasizes how important it is to consider all aspects before deciding to use the platform. 

Customer Support of FeetFinder

Customer service plays a role in any platform. It seems that FeetFinder is lacking in this area according to the experiences shared by sellers and users. Despite the promise of responses, within 24 to 48 hours the reality appears to be quite different with many people not receiving helpful assistance.

To get in touch with customer support you can. Send an email. Submit a request ticket. However, after making attempts, it is reported that responses are not received promptly or sometimes not at all. The issues raised by users, such as harassment concerns, delayed payments and difficulties accessing their accounts are significant. Need attention. Unfortunately, it appears that FeetFinder falls short in addressing these concerns, which has left many feeling frustrated and, without proper support.

Expert Advice

FeetFinders customer service is quite disappointing based on both my experience and the shared experiences of sellers and users. Despite their claim of providing responses within 24, to 48 hours the reality seems to be quite different. Many people have reported experiencing delays. Even not receiving a response at all.

To get in touch with customer support you have two options; sending an email to hello@feetfinder.com or submitting a request ticket through the “Contact” tab on their website. However, after trying times users have mentioned that they didn’t receive timely or useful assistance.

What’s truly disheartening is that the issues brought to the attention of customer service are not minor; they are critical matters. From incidents of harassment to delayed payments and problems accessing accounts, these concerns require attention. Unfortunately, it appears that the FeetFinders support team doesn’t adequately address these concerns, which leaves users feeling frustrated and neglected.

FeetFinder: Is Success Possible for Sellers and Buyers in the World of Foot Pics?

The ideal platform for showcasing and selling foot content is a matter of personal preference, and there’s no definitive answer to this question. Some sellers may find FeetFinder, a well-known site, appealing for their foot pic endeavors, while others might prefer smaller platforms with less competition.

Similarly, buyers and foot enthusiasts can have varied experiences. For some, FeetFinder’s vast options and diverse content may be a perfect fit, but others might find the site overwhelming, especially if they have limited time and patience to navigate through numerous search results.

Ultimately, the best way to determine if FeetFinder suits your needs is to give it a try. However, it’s essential to factor in the site’s 20% commission and monthly fees and be prepared to work diligently to secure sales in this competitive space.

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In conclusion, the choice between using FeetFinder to buy or sell feet pics depends on individual preferences and needs. For some, the platform’s popularity and extensive range of categories might be appealing, while others may find it overwhelming and prefer smaller, more user-friendly alternatives. Both sellers and buyers should consider the 20% commission and subscription fees, as they can significantly impact earnings and expenses. While some users have positive experiences and praise the customer support, others report disappointment with slow or non-existent responses. Before committing to FeetFinder, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons and explore other platforms to find the one that best aligns with your personal goals and requirements.

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