Does Instagram Verification matter?

Does Instagram Verification matter?

Let’s talk about the coveted Instagram blue badge and if it really matters if you have it or not. Is it all just hype or is there something more to it than meets the eye? Why are individuals and brands willing to invest a small fortune to Buy Instagram Verification? Let’s explore!

Why is Instagram verification?

So, before we get started, what is Instagram verification? Well, it’s a blue badge with a checkmark that appears next to your username on Instagram. It shows up right next to your username everywhere you appear. When people search for you on Instagram, it’s next to your name in the search results. Your comments and replies have it too. And it’s there even next to your name when you DM someone on Instagram.

This shiny object has many names: the blue tick, the blue badge, Instagram verification, and Instagram verification checkmark.

Why is it important?

What does this blue badge exactly represent? For one, it proves to the world that your page is authentic, notable, prominent, and trusted. So let’s talk about all of those features one by one and see how does it really help a profile in real life.

For one, it lets the audience know a page is authentic. If you’re an individual or a business with a bit of following and buzz around your name, there is a high chance there are profiles that are impersonating you. The moment a person gets just a little famous, one of the first things that happens is a bunch of impersonators start to pop up. Sometimes, these are harmless profiles.

However, at times, these are ill-intentioned actors who can do actual harm to your name and brand. Imagine for a moment that you are an online fitness app with a significant following on Instagram, and someone has made accounts with names similar to yours with minor edits. An unsuspecting viewer may confuse the impersonator as the real deal. And, as you can imagine, that is not ideal. And this can cost you potential customers. If you’re an influencer, you want your audience to know which page is yours immediately and which isn’t. So, in short, the most essential thing that the blue badge does for you is make your potential viewers, clients, fans, and audience find the real you.

Imagine this – you are a stock trader in Norway with a decent online following. You have an excellent Instagram account going on, and you have a bunch of news about you too. Incredible, isn’t it? So, what happens when bad actors make up accounts using your face and posts and reach out to unsuspecting individuals asking them to invest? Believe it or not, this happens more often than you would think. 

So, in short, the most crucial benefit a verification gives you is the ability to communicate to your audience, your fans, your potential customers and investors, which account is the real you.

Now, let’s dive deeper.

Why Instagram Important

The next thing that badge gives you is a great impression. It elevates people’s impression of you or your brand. Here is the thing. Hate it or love it. The blue badge immediately signifies that the person or brand is notable to the audience. If I come across a verified travel profile, I immediately know and feel that this person must be a big deal. It gives the profile a great first impression. As a viewer, it makes me linger on this profile longer. It makes me consider this brand just a bit more longer.

Similarly, a verified profile has a much higher conversion rate. It’s a status symbol. A blue badge is equivalent to a Rolls Royce pulling up the highway. It makes everyone turn around and gasp. A viewer is more likely to follow a verified profile vs. one that is not. For a business, this translates to more inquiries, more leads, and more customers. And now you know why people are willing to spend a fortune to Buy Instagram Verification.

And finally, it makes you appear trustworthy. The world of social media, online shopping, and apps can be a bit of a dangerous adventure. Anyone can build up a site or claim to be someone they are not. So, how does your potential customer know that you are trustworthy? For one, they can look up your reviews. And, what else? Well, they can ask friends. But, do you know what is the most instant signal of trust that a user gets when looking at your brand? It’s the blue badge.

Anyone can make a fancy website. Anyone can make an aesthetically beautiful page. But, it takes a whole lot of work to get verified. A verified badge next to your name immediately tells people that you are trustworthy. When people visit new profiles and businesses, they always have a lot of worries. The blue badge is the quickest way to disarm the concerns of a potential client, a potential fan, and a potential investor.

So, yeah – there is a lot more the blue badge does for your name and brand, but the above points should give you a good intro to all the benefits of being verified on Instagram.


How does one get verified on Instagram?

We’ll cut to the chase on this one. Here is the deal. Unless you are a world-famous public figure or an esteemed brand with billions in revenue, the chances of Instagram verifying your account on their own are close to zero.

Now, the good news is, as of late, people can apply for verification within the Instagram app. Isn’t that great? Well, no. Think of this. Instagram has over a billion users. And all of them can request a verification badge. So how many applications do you think Instagram gets per day of users requesting verification? A million? Tens of millions? Hundreds of millions? Well, whatever that number is, it’s enormous.

Anyone can apply for it. And, this is a problem. People who are not eligible apply for it. People who are not notable apply for it. And, as you can imagine, there is no way Instagram can employ thousands of workers to sit and go through these applications, so it uses an AI instead. And … it’s not that sufficient. So, if you are notable, you may apply via in-app submission, but the chances of this route working out are, again, close to zero.

The final method is to hire a boutique social media agency to represent you to their Instagram media partner and get your case a human review. This means, someone at Instagram, an actual human, takes a look at your profile and decides whether or not you are eligible for verification. And, this is why most people opt to Buy Instagram Verification. It’s because the system of in-app submissions is broken.

But, wait – what makes a profile eligible? Well, to keep it simple, here is what you need: at least five full-featured articles on notable and reliable news sites. Think of sites like Forbes or Entrepreneur or similar.

And, if you haven’t guessed it already, you can have an agency get this done for you along with a direct submission to a media partner at Instagram, all of which gets you a guaranteed verification service.


So, whether you’re an esteemed investor who wants to maintain a great personal online brand image – or – if you’re a business that wants to appear trustworthy to their customers, the blue badge is one investment you’d want to make.

And, that’s all for today!

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