Do you want to know itunes backup location?

Do you want to know itunes backup location?

We got a lot of latest backup services available but some of them were interested in itunes backup, and so users were facing little confusion on finding its location where the itunes backup is present, so we got to go through different ways while trying to know itunes backup location for mac and windows.

We got to know a lot about these doubts by many users as they wanted to find the itunes backup location, so itunes might be the old way of going for backup services, but this can also be the most asked question by many of our visitors about where to find the itunes backup location, so while dealing with mac we need to go through the finder window and there will find the way to navigate to the folder, so by clicking on the go button available there we can go into the folder and there we just need to type the path that leads to the backup and find all the backup available here in itunes backup location.

So we got to give all in clear examples and step wise analysis on how to make this clear about finding where does itunes store backups.

Mac itunes backup location

Step 1: While working on mac we just need to be sure that to open the finder window and here we need to click on the go button to go into the folder.

Step 2: Now we got to type the path here the will be leading to the location of itune backup.

Example for itunes backup location:/library/application support/mobile sync/backup

So after the step 2 we can find the itunes backup location that got scrambled by numbers and letters like string.

This is the way to find the itunes backup location in mac using these given above steps we got to know about how to work on mac to find the itunes backup location, so every step here is about the technical part that will lead you to the location of the backup.

Windows itunes backup location

Coming to windows this can be something like little different as well as tough to find the itunes backup location, so we made some research on it and came up with a clear report on finding itunes backup location in windows. The navigation will be varying from every version in windows. If you were using the Windows XP and then if need to navigate we just need to make sure with the path of finding it like from documents and settings to username and their need to find the application data and later got up with apple computer and again going into the mobile sync to the backup location.

While dealing with windows 7/8/10  then for this version we just need to be sure that navigation begins from users to username and by finding the app data will go for searching roaming and there to apple computer to mobile sync and finally to backup, this can the path of navigation to itunes backup location.

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