Discover the Joys of Reading in an Entirely New Way

Discover the Joys of Reading in an Entirely New Way

If you enjoy reading, you’re not alone. Millions of people share your love of books. In an era of internet, cable and satellite television, numerous streaming services, and video games, analysts expected the number of people who read to drop sharply and continue on a downward trend as time marched on. Instead, it has remained fairly steady over time based on many reports. Of course, reading presents certain common hurdles that many people struggle with. This has a hand in detracting from the number of people who read regularly as well as the amount of time they spend lost in the world of books.

Common Reading Issues People Face

Reading undoubtedly offers numerous benefits. It helps us expand our knowledge, fosters the imagination, provides a nice escape from the real world, and aids in reducing stress to name a few of them. That being said, some universal problems not only prevent people from finishing the books they start but make them leery of even cracking open the covers to begin with. Companies like AlKeyTAB are on a mission to combat the common issues, but in order to understand the significance of what they’re doing, it’s important to understand just what those problems are.

Common Reading

  • Lack of Time. Life is hectic these days, and it seems to be getting worse by the year. Between school, work, homework, housework, running errands, and taking care of all the standard responsibilities of life, there’s barely enough time left to sleep much less read. That’s the most common hurdle people have to overcome to indulge in books at present, but it’s only one of many.
  • We’ve all been there: we get immersed in a good book but can’t wait to find out what happens next. As a result, we quickly skim over page after page of details until we find a passage that seems crucial. Once we read that, though, we realize many of those details we skipped over would’ve come in handy, so we have to flip back through the pages to make sense of it all. This can be extremely frustrating in the grand scheme of things.
  • Inadequate Comprehension. This issue knows no bounds. It’s prevalent among children and adults alike regardless of intelligence or background though it varies a bit by age. For some people, it’s a matter of being able to decode certain words. For others, it’s an inability to put together details to form the bigger picture. Some of us simply have trouble concentrating on reading material for long periods of time. Either way, all this prevents us from understanding what we’re reading and, in turn, discourages us from trying. On top of that, quite a few books are incredibly complicated and difficult to understand even for the most academically inclined.

Certain people don’t have the time to focus on a lengthy book whereas others have trouble piecing information together. Many of us are simply slow readers. Either way, these problems keep countless people from enjoying reading to the fullest extent. Because of that, they miss out on worlds of opportunities both real and fiction. Fortunately, there’s a solution, and we’ll get to that shortly.

Most Popular Types of Books

Now, let’s pause for a moment to explore the most popular genres of books. These are the reading materials people choose most often or, at least, the ones they would choose if they had the time, patience, and other traits to make it through the volumes of information and imagination that are out there. These categories span both genders and all age groups.

Romance Novels

Romance novels are among the most popular types of books based on sales figures as well as many survey results. They’re often filled with ups and downs, giving us much-needed emotional roller coaster rides. They also give us access to the drama so many of us like to experience without all the unpleasant side-effects it can produce in real life. For some people, they’re simply ventures into the types of romance and excitement you just don’t find in the real world.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Fantasy and science fiction are also highly sought-after book genres. Both have been around for quite some time though science fiction didn’t truly begin to gain steam among the public until about a century ago. Fantasy buffs and science fiction aficionados alike relish in escaping from present-day doldrums with the books of their choice. From magic and make-believe to battles with terroristic alien life forms and visits to strange new worlds, many insist you can’t beat a good science fiction or fantasy novel.

Horror Stories

Quite a few names may come to mind when you think of horror stories. From works by H. P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker to Stephen King and William Peter Blatty, numerous spine-chilling, nightmare-inducing volumes of linguistic art are available to enjoy. Many people love to be scared though some argue that it’s not exactly the experience they’d choose when looking for a good book. Those of us in the category of fright fans constantly crave higher levels of fear from the fictional pieces we get lost in, though.


Non-fiction is a broad category that branches into several sub-categories. It’s also an incredibly popular niche in the literary market. Some seek out self-help books while others prefer those that cover health and medical topics. Certain people enjoy instructional pieces whereas others scour the shelves for biographies or inspirational stories. Non-fiction books may not carry you away to a magical or romantic land, but they certainly provide a wide range of knowledge and information that’s sure to come in handy for a lifetime.

Bringing the Joys of Reading to More People

Now, we’ll refer back to the common issues so many people have with reading. Many miss out on all the joy books can bring because of those problems. Even avid readers find that they can’t spend as much time getting lost in books as they’d like. Because of all that, a new option has been developed. Books of all types are now available in shorter, more concise forms and versions that aren’t quite as complex as the originals. Whether you want to know what happens in a book without spending time on non-essential details or you need the information a book provides but can’t follow the complexities of its original wording, you now have numerous alternatives.

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