Why Creating Share-Worthy Content That Attracts Backlinks Is Both An Art And A Science

Why Creating Share-Worthy Content That Attracts Backlinks Is Both An Art And A Science

Creating share-worthy content really is the dream. You can better engage with your customers, provide value and gain quality backlinks all at the same time. It can, however, sometimes seem like an impossible task. So much content is produced each day that never gets more than a cursory glance, and it can be tough to try and elevate yours to the level it needs to be to get a look-in.

If you are hoping to create share-worthy content, read on to discover the secret to this goal and why it is both a science and an art…

What do we mean by share-worthy content?

People are exposed to so much content each and every day, and yet not all of it is share-worthy. Why? Because people feel no need to pass it on, because they don’t think it deserves it or because they aren’t inspired. Users share content for a variety of reasons, but usually because it has stirred a particular emotion, or because it is valuable in some way.

Content that fascinates, that is evocative, that is emotive is more likely to be shared than something bland and uninspired. Likewise, content that brings people joy, arouses excitement or even sadness can lead to more shares.

On the other hand, highly factual and informative content that gives definitive answers on a topic or breaks down information so that it is easy to digest can be just as successful. The key is to engage the reader with useful, valuable and well-written content that they feel the need or desire to pass on.

Why is it both an art and a science?

Creating share-worthy content that attracts backlinks is both an art and a science because there are several layers to it, often working in tandem. High-quality backlinks are essential for proper SEO, as any SEO consultant in Brisbane worth their salt will tell you. They can dramatically improve your ranking in search engine results pages as well as, thus proving that you are a reputable site.

There is a science to creating the right content and gaining the correct links, which includes the appropriate use of analytics and data. You should know your customers wants and needs, and how to achieve them using data collection and specialised knowledge.

There is also an art to creating share-worthy content that cannot be denied. Anyone can write a list of “facts” if they want to, but if they do not cite their sources with reputable websites, they largely go to waste.

Share-worthy content should be insightful, authentic, easily scan-able, and produced in a way that is far superior to that of your competitors. There is a true art to creating genuinely original and engaging content and there is more to it than simply ticking the right boxes.

The science is crucial to your success, but the art is the X-factor that will truly set you apart and have people eager to share your content.

What are some examples of share-worthy content?

While there are no hard and fast rules beyond creating content that people engage with and therefore wish to share, certain types of content do tend to make more of a splash than others. These include:

  • Yearly roundups with stats – people love to check in on what has happened in the past year, and this can be applied to everything from digital marketing stats to the year’s most shared posts.
  • Definitive guides – if you really take the time to carefully answer every question on a given topic, use exact information, handy infographics and more, you will soon be inundated with links. The key is to be the best out there.
  • Videos – it is proven that more people are likely to take in everything that you are saying and retain it when it comes by video rather than text (depending on the subject matter, audience, and industry of course).


What was the last piece of content you shared? What was your reasoning behind it? When do you create hyperlinks in your writing to other websites? Identify your motives behind linking to other websites and you’ll have a better understanding as to what might drive others to do the same for your content.


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