How to build communication skills to become a Teacher in School?

How to build communication skills to become a Teacher in School?

Teaching is a profession that requires educating the students in the language as per the subject and medium. One can either teach for a Hindi medium school or an English medium. The teacher has to effectively communicate so that the students understand what is being taught clearly. Teachers should master the art of explaining the chapters by breaking them down into various segments. In the absence of proper communication skills, students get confused and do not perform well in class and tests. If you are keen on taking up the job of a teacher, one of the best ways is to undergo the UPTET exam, which is a state-level test conducted in Uttar Pradesh for those candidates who want to join the teachers training sector for either primary or junior high school level. To pass out and prepare for the same, you should be updated with UPTET exam dates.

Apart from building communication skills, the teacher also needs to develop a speaking style that is unique and can be easily imbibed in the minds of the students. Excelling in communication skills will not only benefit the teacher but also improve the skills of students. The results can then be checked after the UPTET answer key is released.

Ways to build communication skills

Be prepared with the notes

A teacher shall always be ready with the notes, which are to be taught the next day. While preparing the notes the teacher should read out the material that has been prepared to rectify the mistakes, which can be helpful to deliver the class. You need to be thorough about the subject or the chapter you are teaching.

Being concise

To communicate effectively the speech should be concise. Delivering the subject without filling in confusing examples and unnecessary jargon minimizes the barriers that come in building effective communication skills.


Maintaining consistency while communicating is the best way to teach students. To build communication skills, the teacher needs to use simple yet meaningful words that explain the subject quickly. This technique will help in remembering words and expanding vocabulary.

Read books often

There are many books available that help in building communication skills, which are categorized as “Self-help books.” Apart from those books, any English language story or prose books will be of great help for teachers who want to improve their communication skills.

Practice verbal communication

The most common way to build communication skills is through practice. Teachers should revise the notes or chapters in a day’s advance. One can read out the chapter and enact teaching it to the students so that the perfection level increases.

Listen to educational videos

Another most beneficial way to polish one’s communication skills is through listening to videos where English is being used to explain the theories. One can simply switch on the news channel broadcasted in the English language or watch documentaries and videos where English education is being taught. In addition, listening to someone who speaks better English is good to learn new words and to develop a style of speaking.

Observe students

Often the communication gaps between the teacher and student lead to issues. To resolve the issues, the teacher needs to observe the way students speak to each other and understand their mindset. Only after determining the perspective and style of talking, the teacher can then explain the subject to the students in the correct way. This method will also help the teacher in understanding the students and communicating effectively.

Various surveys have stated that effective communication of the teacher leads to the success of the students. When compared to other classrooms, the students who had interaction and engaging teachers performed better. With the help of effective communication skills, the teacher can explain the concepts to students and create engaging conversations that will build the knowledge and thinking capacity of students. Apart from verbal communication, the teacher also needs to build non-verbal communication skills that include proper body language, which comprises a relaxed state, and facial expressions should be smiling and cooperative.

The ultimate aim of being a teacher is to build a promising career in students learning.

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