Why Has Casual Gaming Become More Popular in the 2020s?

Why Has Casual Gaming Become More Popular in the 2020s?

There is simply no getting away from the fact that in the modern age, gaming is, without a doubt, one of the most popular hobbies that are currently enjoyed by people from all over the world. Throughout the past couple of decades, the quality of games has continued to increase, and along with that quality, so too has the number of players. As is the case with anything that grows in popularity and relevance, there have also been changes in the culture and attitude which surround gaming. These are going to be discussed in more detail below. 

The Evolution of Console Games 

One of the largest contributing factors towards the attitudes of modern gamers is the fact that we no longer need consoles to play the games that we like. It’s now possible for people to play games in the palm of their hand, either using specially made devices, such as the Nintendo Switch and PS Vita, or using their mobile phones. Mobile gaming has increased in popularity massively over the past few years, thanks to the increased range and quality of games available. One of the most popular genres out there at the moment is online gambling, as people like to look out for the best high roller casinos online and play online gambling games that they love. 

Although this might seem like a large amount of growth in a short time, the truth is that the industry surrounding gaming consoles has never been one which remained stagnant. The prototype was invented back in 1967 by a man called Ralph Bear. Bear created the Brown Box, which allowed people to plug straight into their TVs and play a simple arcade game. The decades that followed this graced us with several other inventions, such as PONG, the Magnavox Odyssey, and the Atari. 

How Portable Gaming Leads to Casual Attitudes 

Casual gaming has become more popular, thanks to the common use of portable games and portable gaming consoles. This is because we do not have to set aside as much time to game and can simply jump on and off our favourite titles whenever we have a spare moment. This approach is reflected in a lot of new games that get created, which are referred to as ‘Hyper-Casual’. The criteria for a hyper-casual game include: 

  • You don’t need to be as skilled or devote as much time to get good at it. 
  • They usually involve being patient a lot of the time rather than skilful. 
  • They are easy for people to control meaning they are very comfortable for gamers to play. People do not have to worry about any frustration or stress which could be involved when learning the controls for such games. 
  • The goals of these games are reasonably straightforward. You tend to find that the levels are a lot shorter than the levels you find in other games, but there are a lot more for people to complete. 

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