Buying Bitcoin with Simplex – Everything You Need to Know

Buying Bitcoin with Simplex – Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning to buy or sell bitcoin and are not sure of where to start? If that’s the case, you can always use simplex. It provides services that will enable you to buy bitcoin using credit or debit cards on any simplex-supported platforms. With simplex, you are assured of a secure environment to trade bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Below is everything you need to know about buying bitcoin with simplex.

What Is Simplex?

Simplex is a service used by crypto platforms to enable one to make payments using credit, debit, and visa cards, making it easier for investors all around the world to make simplex bitcoin purchase in a safe and secure environment. Know about crypto signals providers.

Does Simplex Accept VISA?

Yes, it does. Just like debit and credit cards, you can buy bitcoin on NakitCoins with Simplex visa card. The process is quite easy. Once you have logged into your account, you should submit your payment method as a simplex visa card and continue with the trading processes.

Steps to Follow When Buying Bitcoin Using Simplex

Below are some of the steps you may have to follow depending on the platform you are using. 

  •   Log in to your bitcoin trading platform – For most platforms, you will successfully open your account by submitting your password, which will later bring you to the website’s home page. 
  •   Fill in the quantity of bitcoin you want to trade – Once you have logged into your account, you will click the simplex buy bitcoin button and enter your debit or credit card details. 
  •   Identify your wallet – the wallet will be used to store the coins received. always go with the wallet that supports bitcoins blockchain. 
  •   Verification of the simplex personal information – On the platform used, you will be required to submit simplex information such as your name, email address, and phone number. Always go back and re-check to make sure there are no mistakes. 
  •   Finish by clicking on the send button – Once you are sure that you have filled all the blanks correctly, you can now click the send button and wait for a notification that will indicate you have completed the process successfully. 

Limitations That May Come with Simplex

Simplex buy bitcoin is a safe and secure process. However, there some restrictions that may come with it. They include the following.

  •   There are daily and monthly limited transactions – If you are thinking of making high bitcoin transactions, then simplex is not right for you. Their limit starts from $25,000-60,000, which when you think of it is quite low.
  •   They charge high fees for transactions – Simplex can go ahead and charge up to a 6% fee per transaction. If you are a frequent simplex debit card investor, the fees are said to increase from time to time.


The simplex buy bitcoin process is as easy as buying products online with your credit cards. With the right platform, you are good to go. The above article provides you with everything you need to know about buying bitcoin with simplex, making your process much easier.

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