Qualities Of A Breitling Watches

Qualities Of A Breitling Watches

Breitling, a watch company that requires no description, manufactures some of the most delicate watches inspired aeronautically with chronograph clocks available today. Established in 1884, Breitling has developed from a maker of aviation equipment and experienced pilot devices to one of the modern top-selling watch manufacturers.

Famous for their stylish, innovative, and masculine luxury watches, the Swiss-designed Breitling pieces deliver excellent style and functional expertise. A preference toward pilots, soldiers, and watch collectors, the Breitling watch attraction is vast. Plus, Breitling pieces are also spotted on celebrities’ wrists.

The Movement

Breitling watches is an expert who has contributed significantly in the technological creation of this challenge, as well as by constructing the two separate push-buttons and introducing the very first self-tuning timepiece in 1969. The company contributes to the extremely selective group of watchmakers with their very own automatic chronograph motions.

Breitling watches has decided to pursue new directions in the development of its timepiece motions. Driven mostly by the avant-garde approach used in several brand new industries and tailored adequately to the watch market, the company has implemented a streamlined chain creating a method that reshapes conventional mechanism production.

The Case

Breitling cases are meant to support specialists with their most serious tasks. They must also have optimum security in collisions, and each design of their structure has been designed and checked to survive extensive use. They are also characterized by their practical sophistication, high-quality intelligent interest, and coating value.

The Dial

Showcasing artistic refinement, polished play on sunken and elevated textures, as well as careful decoration, Breitling timepiece dials and pieces, require the expertise of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes integrating conventional abilities with state-of-the-art technology.

Each type is already designed to make it easy to interpret details optimally at a glimpse. The dials are emptied from a sheet of brass through which different gaps and openings are punched. They are then brushed and painted byways typically involved or laser welding, including dipping them in many consecutive baths wherein the electrical current is flowing.

The Hands

Machining thresholds are limited, and managing is a very complicated method. Few processing companies today can learn the mastery of blanking and finishing consistency required to achieve Breitling expectations. Such regard for even the slightest specifics is expressed in most of the hands fitting the company’s chronographs and wrist equipment.

The Crystal

Breitling watches and wrist equipment are both fitted with sapphire stones, which are glare-proof on all ends. This ensures extreme robustness, paired with optimum ease of understanding of the data in all situations. The curved design of the stone is obtained by scraping both the top and bottom layers.

The processing of natural sapphires, which is the most challenging rock after a diamond, requires highly advanced expertise and production mode and entails a significant value of functions. Implementing glare-proofing on both ends requires significantly advanced requisite knowledge and skills.

The Bracelets

Breitling wristbands are characterized by their tested strength, support in the hand, unique style, and better finishing. To survive the powers of friction and deformation (dragging and bending) to which they would be exposed regularly, the company has implemented highly specialized manufacturing processes and technologies.

Casing It Up

The watch material’s efficiency partly depends on the condition of the facility’s atmosphere where it has been made. To secure the smooth activity of its wristwatches under even the most stringent experimental state, Breitling has installed its manufacturing plant with a specialized network that enables continuous control and tracking of the moisture time.

The Quality Control

To ensure items that meet the most outstanding technological and cosmetic criteria, Breitling not only deals with the utmost manufacturers and entrusts development to the most specialist craftsman using the most advanced tools but has also placed in place thorough and robust testing protocols.

As a result, the Breitling watch undergoes no fewer than 1,000 adjustments during the manufacturing process. Each component is exposed to a series of stringent checks. Each step of manufacturing is accompanied by a monitor designed to ensure that all its requirements are complied with.


Breitling pieces are admired internationally for their efficiency, durability, and style. Any Breitling portion is a COSC approved timepiece, a promise of excellent precision. An undeniable artistic code supplements the technological achievement of the Breitling watch. All their products, automated and quartz, checked as the most stringent known to people.

Every Breitling piece makes an exact style comment, showcasing its creativity ever since its establishment in 1884. Probably better recognized for the consistency of aviation products, Breitling is renowned for the accuracy and strict quality assurance levels of all its watches. They are distinguished by exquisite mechanisms, outstanding waterproofing, and durability.

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