The Role Of Technology In Border Security

The Role Of Technology In Border Security

Technology is the science or craft involving all the techniques, skills, methods, and processes to improve daily living. It’s the application of scientific knowledge that’s usually beneficial for any industry. 

On the other hand, border security is a process protecting a nation from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband, and people. Furthermore, it also applies to making rules, laws, and regulations for trades. Border security is vital to maintain a nation’s peace, especially with other countries. 

How Does Technology Affect Border Security  

Border security helps many nations in various ways, specifically in keeping order. Today, it has significantly improved through the help of technology.

Below are areas where technology plays a part in monitoring its borders.

  1. Identity Scanning  

Technology affects border security by providing vital information through scanning. Some areas across the globe already developed the process of scanning passports at the border. This allows border patrollers to verify the identity of a person. This happens when an individual books a ticket for a flight to a particular country. Upon their arrival, their identification cards are to be presented and scanned. A record will then be developed for security. 

Using this type of technology will likely reduce the rate of criminals fleeing away from their countries to escape. Since criminal records are always available wherever a person goes, it’s almost impossible to enter a border. This role of technology may also be a solution for human trafficking. 

  1. Communication Tool  

Technology also helps keep border security by acting as a communication tool. Various wars mainly erupted as a result of misunderstandings. Technology reduces these scenarios by allowing nations and their respective agencies to connect and communicate with each other.

For example, presidents and other country leaders wouldn’t have to fly at a risky hour to meet and talk about conflict resolution. Now, they can easily talk through the internet. This is possible despite language barriers due to many applications that readily translate messages, allowing better communication.

In this way, technology affects border security because it has already prevented any action that could’ve led to bad or good consequences. 

  1. Convenient And Secured Travels  

Technology has also made traveling easy–from planning, booking, landing, to transportation. 

Before traveling, individuals are usually advised to gather relevant information about their destination. This means plenty of research before entering a different country. It’s a must for travelers, mainly if it’s a romantic getaway, to identify the customs, culture, laws, capability of that country, convenience, and security to have an unforgettable journey

So, how does technology affect this? Through technology, different countries can inform travelers if their situation is safe or they’re allowing tourists to enter their borders. Imagine going to a country only to be greeted by soldiers informing you that a civil war is ongoing. Wouldn’t that be such a trouble knowing that you can’t be allowed to go through? Worse, it could also put a person’s life at risk. 

By reading information found online, individuals can avoid such scenarios and find a better place to travel. If it’s unavoidable to travel to such a destination, at least they can prepare themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically before encountering all measures implemented in a country’s border. This, in turn, will allow border security officers to easily monitor their movement.

  1. Technology Processes Trades  

Technology has also been vital in world trade. With the use of technology, many countries have created a department that’ll manage all imported and exported products. Other countries have even purchased machines to detect weapons, like metals, from a person. These are usually found at airports when entering.  

Also, different types of machinery are developed for managing the inventories of products. They are used to examine and inspect goods, appliances, and other products that enter and exit the country. Once a product is suspected of containing harmful substances, it’ll be rejected and sent back to its original homeland. This is particularly true in cases of smuggled arms and goods.

  1. GPS Features  

A GPS tracking unit is a navigation device used to track vehicles, assets, people, and animals. It’s widely used in many countries because it helps visualize their security, whether land, air, or water. 

This type of technology is believed to have a significant impact on avoiding war, protecting the boundaries of a nation, and keeping them prepared for what may come. 


Technology has become a massive part of everyone’s lives. It helps an individual in their daily living and even created a significant impact in protecting the whole community or country. As shown in the list above, it’s been highly beneficial in maintaining border security. 

Whether it’s for travel, safety, or security, remember that the noblest goal of technology must be for the community’s common good.

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