Factors to Consider While Buying a Bookshelf For Your Kid’s Room

Factors to Consider While Buying a Bookshelf For Your Kid’s Room

One of the best things that you can do for your children is to foster the habit of reading early on and introduce them to a whole new world of imagination that reading opens up. It’s a known fact that children who regularly read for enjoyment outperform kids who read sporadically in terms of scholastic performance. To encourage your little one to pick a book and read, it’s best to have an open, colourful bookshelf placed in their room. We understand that the internet is flooded with so many choices for a book shelf for kids, that you may feel overwhelmed about which one to pick. We are here to put your mind at ease by sharing some important things to consider before you finalize the model.

1. Dimensions of the room:
Even before you can start hunting for an ideal bookshelf, you should know the dimensions of the room. Take a step back and analyze the kid’s room. Understand how and where would you like to place the new bookshelf, and if that would require you to rearrange the furniture. Once you have finalized the spot, get your measuring tape and make a note of the dimensions of the space. This way you know exactly what kind of bookshelf will fit and won’t get carried away with just the design of it. 

2. Storage option:
A golden rule to keep in mind while selecting a bookshelf is the storage space. As the kids grow their things seem to be stealthily multiple and there is an ever-growing need for a spacious kids storage cabinet in the room. Look for bookshelves that have a dual role, a design that has shelves to hold the book collection, and offer enough storage space to declutter the place.

3. Colour and material choice:
Don’t be surprised if we tell you that bookshelves for kids these days come in vibrant colours, and you don’t have to settle for just brown, white, black or beige colour. You can pick the colour that blends with the interiors of the kids’ room. If you have an all-white kids’ room, then take this opportunity to buy a bookshelf that has colourful racks and cupboards, to add the perfect pop of colour to the room. The choice of material for the bookshelf totally depends on your budget. Solid wooden bookshelves for obvious reasons are slightly on the higher side when compared to the ones made from engineered wood and metal. 

4. Design:
A kid’s room should always be lively, and vibrant so then why settle for the regular bookshelf designs? Think creative and bring in the fun element by choosing bookshelves in the design of a tree, butterfly, alphabet or even an apple. If your children are grown up enough then take their suggestion for what kind of design they would like in their room. 

5. Safety:
While looking for bookshelf designs, don’t forget to check for the presence of sharp edges. Look for ones with rounder edges and soft corners so that children don’t accidentally scratch themselves. 

Designating an exclusive bookshelf in your kids’ room will only instil in your children the value of staying organized,  and maintaining a tidy living environment.

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