14 Emojis Commonly Used by Netizens

14 Emojis Commonly Used by Netizens

Today’s generation heavily relies on technology. If we want to message our loved ones, we often get our cellular phones to message them immediately. The best thing about technology today is that it gives us the freedom to express our emotions more.

Emoji is one of our ways to deliver our emotions and thoughts. We directly tap the emoji button and then find the best emoji that suits what we feel, then it immediately reaches the person we intend to see our emotions. Let me introduce to you the usual emojis, and its proper usage since some of us don’t know its name and where to use it.

14 Emojis

Face with Tears of Joy

This emoji differs from other emojis because it has tears coming out from both sides of its eyes; and the displacement of its eyebrows. Many people use this when they laugh too hard to the extent of crying at things that they find so funny and laughable. 

Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes

This emoji shows a smiling face and two heart-shaped eyes. This kind of emoji allows you to express your feelings when you have felt in love with a person. Of course, you can also use this when you are amazed by a photograph. 

Crying Face

In this emoji, you can see a face with eyes full of tears while the mouth is open. People use this when they are having unbearable pain. Through this, they can showcase how sad and unhappy they are. 

Face Blowing A Kiss

This emoji displays a blinking eye while demonstrating a kiss creating a small heart on its lips. This emoji is for flirting and also for expressing our love to someone. We can use this one when we are talking with our partner or even when you are having a conversation with your best friends. 

Fire Emoji

The fire emoji exhibits a red, orange, or yellow flame. Most people used this one to describe how hot the food they are eating, how hot the weather is, and most of all, when they want to express their admiration to a person they saw in social media. 

Thinking Face

This face exhibits frowned eyebrows looking upward while the thumb and index finger are on its lips as if it is thinking deeply. An individual intended to use this smiley when he/she has something in his mind, and it keeps on bothering him/her.

Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes

You can see a yellow face with full smiling lips. You can use this emoji when you want to share something in your life that has total gratifying happiness. You have the freedom to manifest your feelings using this emoji when you are feeling proud, silly, or amused by a particular person or thing. 

Smiling Face With Halo

This emoji displays a cute smiling face and eyes while having a halo on the top part of it; it is a representation of an angel. Most people use this kind of emoji when they are conversing with someone whose topic is about good deeds, God, or blessings.

Squinting Face with Tongue

This emoji displays a scrunched, less than and greater than shaped eyes while having a full smile sticking out its tongue. Many people use this emoji when they are trying to convey something playful, exciting, or when they are jesting. 

Zipper-Mouth Face

This emoji displays open eyes while the mouth is closed using a zipper. This smiley tries to share a secret to someone, and others used this one as an indication that they need to shut up. Moreover, this also portrays sarcasm, mainly when they are threatening somebody; they used this one to tell the person that they know something about him/her. 

Face with Rolling Eyes

This emoji has small and flat lips while the two eyes are rolling upward. It is usually used by people when they are sarcastic, bored, not in favor of some things, or they are kind of upset over something. 

Unamused Face

This emoji has slightly raised eyebrows and frowned eyes looking at the side. From the name itself, people used this smiley when someone is displeased or unamused of someone’s idea or irritated by the presence of that person. 

Upside-Down Face

This emoji is a classic smiley that turned upside down. This emoji is acknowledged when a particular person tries to convey irony, sarcasm, or silliness. But most people use this one as an indication that they are not happy; they are just forcing themselves to look good in front of other people. 

Thumbs Up Emoji

This emoji portrays a hand gesturing thumbs up. A lot of us used this emoji when we are in favor of someone’s idea. Other people also used this emoji when they asked about something, and they indicate this sign as a way of telling that they understood everything. 


These are just some examples of emojis that are commonly used by people, but there are lots of emojis coming out every day; some of these emojis are even combined to create another meaning. This emoji teaches us to be more passionate and expressive, especially when we are trying to convey what we truly feel. Keep on showing your feelings in this way. 

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