5 Best Chatbot App for WhatsApp Business API

5 Best Chatbot App for WhatsApp Business API

An estimated 2.78 billion people use WhatsApp all around the globe, and this number encompasses 200 million businesses. These enormous numbers show the significance and heavy impact the messaging platform has on the business industry. It is widely relied upon by big and small companies alike for growth and progress.

However, when you use a WhatsApp chatbot, you increase its power. Success through this combination for your business is a certainty. Regardless of the industry you specialize in, selecting the best chatbot app for WhatsApp can bring your company success in leaps and bounds.

Significance of Chatbot App for WhatsApp Business API

Here are the most important reasons why a chatbot app is necessary for WhatsApp business.

Smooth Operations

From managing groups to sharing product information and processing sales, WhatsApp chatbots allow companies to handle tasks in a hassle-free manner, automatically eliminating human intervention.

Instant Communication

It features automated chats that allow companies to communicate with customers instantly and facilitate them with timely notifications, messages, updates, and responses.

Enhanced Customer Service

The WhatsApp chatbot ensures that customers have access to the required information instantly. AI bots can also collect and retain crucial customer details like their preferences and behavior, which can help a company gain insight into its customer base and cater to them better.

Top 5 Chatbot Apps for WhatsApp Business API

Take a look at the 5 best chatbot apps for WhatsApp business API:

1. Kommo

Kommo is a WhatsApp-integrated chatbot that allows companies to respond faster and increase their sales. It will enable you to create ever-ready WhatsApp bots, which can be used to capture incoming potential customers and complete their profiles automatically. You can also encourage your visitors to chat by adding a button to your website. The tool allows you to choose the hours you want your Salesbot to operate.

The Salesbot’s function isn’t limited to chat; it extends to enhancing your sales process through features such as assigning responsible users, leads progression through pipeline, adding tags, and more. You can also automate follow-up sequences and handle your workflow more efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Convenient visual constructor without coding requirement
  • With this best chatbot app for WhatsApp, generate new contacts from each chat automatically 
  • Enjoy enhanced lead management with automated updates

2. Sinch Engage

Sinch Engage, which used to be Messenger People, is another WhatsApp-integrated platform that allows you to handle all your conversations from a single inbox. The tool facilitates an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, which can be used to create dialog flows for your chatbots.

You can establish a personal connection with your customers by sending them customized and targeted WhatsApp messages directly to them through the assistance of this tool. You can enjoy instant communication by automating the most common customer queries and handing the same to your human agents so that they can respond in time.

Key Features:

  • Track and improve your KPIs through analytics
  • Facilitates a live agent interface
  • Enhance your campaign performance with Campaign Manager

3. BotsCrew

BotsCrew is one of the best chatbot app for WhatsApp. It emphasizes customer communication to enable companies to achieve growth and progress. You can also build chatbots and connect it with WhatsApp. You do not require any coding skills to train your chatbot, thanks to its AI ability to learn from every conversation. It will help you leverage your API through its 24/7 chatbot support, automatic order updates, and personalized broadcasts.

With its ability to help you send real-time updates to your customers and prospects, you can achieve increased growth and conversion for your company. The features of this tool can easily adjust to your client base, tech stack, and business goals to ensure you can get your hands on the best possible solution.

Key Features:

  • Features over 100 languages offering multilingual support
  • A wide array of chatbot templates
  •  Facilitates machine learning

4. Landbot

If you want a landing page builder equipped with a good quality chatbot and conversational AI, you can rest assured that Landbot is the answer. You can integrate the tool with WhatsApp without hassle and use it for lead generation and customer engagement. You can use this phenomenal chat platform to create powerful and result-driven marketing campaigns through the dedicated WhatsApp automation function of the tool.

If you want to run a WhatsApp strategy without coding, you can also use the robust bot builder the tool provides. You can also create a list of WhatsApp subscribers through the tool’s opt-in widget, which enables you to grow your list of contacts for your marketing messages. You can also send well-curated notifications and alerts related to your brand.

Key Features:

  • Allows team members to manage real-time chats and human agents through inbox
  • Connect to Landbot via native integration
  • Predefined WhatsApp templates like chat surveys and lead generation

5. Tidio

A holistic platform perfect for all your customer service solutions, Tidio is the ideal companion for small to medium-sized businesses. It houses a wide array of customer communication tools ranging from conversational AI to chatbots and live chat. The best part about the tool is its easy integration with WhatsApp. You can enjoy a seamless connection of the app with your WhatsApp account and attach all your business information without any hassle.

You can also attract potential customers and enhance client satisfaction by sending automated messages through WhatsApp to your prospects and existing customers. It will allow you to answer queries your customers have within a moment. You can also offer personalized support to your customers because Tidio can help detect existing customers based on their WhatsApp phone numbers.

Key Features:

  • Features an AI-powered conversational chatbot called Lyro
  • Monitor and analyze user behavior through live visitor preview
  • Automate communication and create workflows through chat triggers

Final Thoughts

The tools mentioned above have the best features when it comes to WhatsApp-integrated chatbots. The best chatbot app for WhatsApp can align with your business needs and goals, so check them out and choose the one you think is tailored to suit your needs perfectly.


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