3 Ways Churchs Are Using Tech to Connect With Followers

3 Ways Churchs Are Using Tech to Connect With Followers

Technology is nothing less than a valuable asset in the process of making disciples of church attendees and reaching into their hearts in order to build a community centred on God’s love for them. 

In spite of the fact that the introduction of technology has slowed socialisation and resulted in a number of problems in society, people are attempting to make the most of it because technology provides some fantastic benefits when it comes to the creation of disciplines. 

It is important to understand that technology has its drawbacks, but that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. First and foremost, you must direct people through your doors and persuade them to stay for at least one service, if not two at a stretch. 

People are inspired to walk with God and become involved in the church in a variety of ways thanks to technological advancements. The technology that is currently available at https://textinchurch.com/ is nothing less than the best. 

Ways churches are using tech to connect with followers


Yes, of course, email can alienate people on their differences, but at the same time, it can bring them closer and enable them to talk to friends and loved ones globally. If you commit to a positive email, you can get a positive response. 

At least 2/3 of the people globally are using a smartphone to connect with the majority the people. With emails, you can share some videos, photos, articles, and updates that make people feel like they are a part of your family. 

All humans wish for socialization, and even though nothing can replace the love of God, human companionship and camaraderie are essential for us to remain content and encouraged in the walk with God.

Video live streaming

You might know that a lot can happen in one week between each Sunday we can be tried, tested, and tempted, so attending church once per week is essential. But in the busy world, we feel that Sunday is all about resting. 

Churches know that it is encouraging to host Bible studies midweek prayer meetings, another kind of get-together for those of us that need constant communication. If you need continuous communication to get more devotees to the church, you should go for live video streaming. Live video streaming can keep everyone up to speed. 

You can send push notifications to mobile devices with reminders and email alerts, newsletters, and blogs that constantly provide content that helps everyone grow closer to God and his teachings. Technology has provided us with several tools to maintain contact like never before.

Video live streaming

SMS texting

In the past, churches globally hosted their services and generally knew nothing about conversations in the next town; everything was well contained. But with technological developments, today, churches are collaborating everywhere and hosting joint events, and scheduling various other programs. 

Additionally, churches are reaching out to different performers, singers, and other pastors, inviting them to church for a guest speaking program. No doubt this can keep the audience hooked, and also, they would wish to visit the church often, but you have to send them reminders through texts, so SMS testing comes in handy here. 

When you send texts regularly, people will eagerly look forward to the event because reminders are periodically sent, and follow-ups are taken. When you take one initiative, people will automatically join the get-together.

Above all, technology allows us to make the most of our systems’ effectiveness compared to testing them repeatedly in the dark. Thanks to social media, you can see what it is and is not resonating with your congregation.

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