Earn the Highest Kill streak: 3 Modern Warfare Cheats Inside!

Earn the Highest Kill streak: 3 Modern Warfare Cheats Inside!

Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter game. Its single-player campaign emphasizes realism and includes tactically-based moral decisions, after which the player is assessed and given a score at the end of each stage.

Kill streaks are earned by completing multiple kills without dying in a game, and progress towards earning Kill streaks is reset upon death. These potent weapons offer professional players the chance to turn the tide of combat if used wisely. Although some Kill streaks are easier to obtain than others, taking a little more effort to obtain are the most lethal modern weapons available in the game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare contains many kill streaks, some of which are lifted directly from the previous Call of Duty games, whereas others are brand new. The world’s highest record in modern warfare is 162 kills in a single game by an American warzone streamer named “Aydan.”

With level and mission select codes, the PC edition of the game, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare can involve cheat codes that enables players to alter gravity, restore health, reload ammunition, and obtain any weapon at any time, thus earning the highest kill streak. Playing online is difficult at the best of the time; we’ve compiled the 3 best Call of Duty hacks in Modern Warfare to earn the highest killstreak.

How to Enable Modern Warfare Cheats on PC

Ways to use the cheat codes in Modern Warfare on PC:

  • Go to the main menu and pick Options > Game Option > Enable console.
  • To open the dev console, press the tilde key ().
  • Insert seta thereisacow ‘’1337″ and press the Enter key.
  • Type the command sitemap bog a and press the Enter Key. You’ll then begin at The Bog stage.
  • Exit stage, load your saved file or start afresh a new game with cheats turned on.

Wasn’t that super easy? Let’s go ahead and learn some cheat codes and in-game cheats.

Unlocking In-Game Cheats for Modern Warfare on PC?

You can implement the cheat codes by simple modification of the game file on your PC. In order to automatically obtain all intel and unlock all in-game cheats:

  • With a text editor, open the config.cfg file in the players\profiles\profile name directory
  • Before editing any game files, make a backup copy if the file gets corrupted and causes the game to crash.
  • Set the value next to set cheat_ points to 30.
  • To gain access to all cheats, save the file, and voila! Restart the game.

Modern Warfare PC Cheat Codes and In-Game Modern Warfare Cheats

To trigger cheats, press the tilde key () to bring up the console and enter the cheat codes. Let us look at some of the cheat codes and their effects that can help us in earning the highest killstreak:

Cheat CodesEffects
godMakes you invincible
notargetYour enemies will not notice you
givehealthWhat better than full health. Refill your entire health bar with this cheat
InfiniteammoWho wants to reload the gun again and again? Get infinite ammo using this cheat code
giveammoOut of ammo while killing the enemy? Use this cheat code to refill your ammo
noclipIt helps you in walking through the walls. Isn’t this cheat code unique?
jump_height number (Default is 39)It helps in adjusting gravity
timescale number (Default is 1.00)Helps in adjusting time
ClusterbombsThis is an in-game cheat code helping your grenade become more powerful, which means more damage and more kills.
map_restartRestarts your current level
cg_fovIt helps in zooming with any gun
cg_LaserForceOn 1Adds laser to all the weapons
toggle cg_drawgunWant to improve the frame rate? Use this cheat code then!
r_fullbrightGives Full brightness
toggle g_entinfoIt helps you in showing script over important objects and soldiers.
weapon 32It makes the rifle shoot in automatic mode
toggle r_showtrisWire Frame mode is activated
giveallThis cheat code helps in getting all the weapons
AbadyearThis is an in-game cheat code that helps in exploding the enemies.

Additional cheats can be obtained by gathering secret intel hidden in the game. These cheats can be toggled on and off as needed, and are attainable once the necessary pieces of information is garnered.

Not every gamer is born with the skills to play like a pro, yet their passion deserves a chance, and cheat codes can be their helping hand. For the gaming companies, they create an effective buzz and are an excellent means of marketing. So win-win for all!

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