Register and Activate Walmart Visa Gift Card Register and Activate Walmart Visa Gift Card

The WalmartGift com is issued by the Green Dot Bank and Sunrise Banks, functioning as a Visa debit card usable across all 50 states of the US. Numerous individuals are interested in obtaining the Walmart Gift Card. This article outlines the simple steps to register for the Walmart Gift Card. Giftcards Details

Name Of CardWalmart Gift Card
Offered byWalmart
Issued byGreen Dot Bank and Sunrise Banks
Beneficiary Country50 states of the United States and the District of Columbia, excluding Puerto Rico and other US territories
Benefits Of Gift CardHeavy Discounts, Loyalty Rewards, Cash Back On Shopping
Category Of ArticleRegister
Name Of Register [Balance
Mode Of RegisteringOnline Registration
Helpline Number For Walmart Gift Card Holder1-866-633-9096
Helpline Number For Lost or Stolen Card1-866-633-9096
AddressWalmart Visa Gift Card P.O. Box 5100 Pasadena, CA 91117-0100
Official Giftcards Details

Walmartgift com Cards Types

Among the 8 variants of Walmart gift cards, let’s delve into three distinctive types, apart from the others, that are closely associated with the theme of “COVID-19“:

Walmart Visa Gift Card: Designed for loading funds once, this variant is primarily geared toward gifting purposes.

Walmart Money Card: This card facilitates both in-store and online shopping, featuring opportunities to deposit funds and benefit from cashback offers. It can be used repeatedly, enhancing its practicality.

Walmart Credit Card: Ideal for a prolonged shopping experience, this card eliminates the need for immediate payments. To acquire it, an application process is necessary, granting access to a dedicated credit card account.

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How To Register Walmartgift com?

1. Start by visiting the official website:

2. Next, click on “Register” on the homepage.

3. Provide the requested information on the new window, including Gift Card Number, Security Code, and Expiration Date, and click “Continue.”

4. You’ll then need to enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number in the following window.

5. Upon clicking “Submit,” your Walmart Gift Card will be successfully registered.

Walmart Gift Card Login

To establish an account with Capital One for tracking your credit card transactions, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Capital One official website.

2. Select “Set up Online Access.”

3. Provide the necessary information.

4. Click “Get Started.”

Now, you can access the Capital One website to obtain details about your Walmart Credit Card.

How to Check Walmart Gift Card Balance Check?

1. Access the official Walmart Gift Card website at

2. Fill in the Gift Card Number, 3-digit Security Code, and Expiration Date on the homepage.

3. Click the “Check Balance” option.

4. Your card balance will be displayed on your screen.


  • Enjoy significant discounts.
  • Earn loyalty rewards when using gift cards.
  • Get cash back while shopping.

Details and Documents Required

  • Gift Card Number
  • Security Code
  • Expiration Date
  • ID Card
  • Bank Statement
  • Bank Details
  • Address Proof Of Beneficiary
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Expiration Date
  • Card Number
  • Security Code Registration Helpline

If you encounter registration difficulties with your card, call Walmart’s helpline at 866-633-9096, which is also found on the back of your Walmart Gift Card. Issues with your card related to Green Dot Bank or Sunrise Banks may arise, as they do not operate in Vermont and New Hampshire. Residents of these states cannot apply for gift vouchers. However, the remaining balance is not lost. If you are a resident of one of these states during your application, you will receive a 100% discount since the card’s original balance remains unchanged. To avail of this discount, dial 866-633-9096.

Recover Lost Walmart Gift Card

If you suspect your card has been lost or stolen or if there’s an unauthorized transaction using your card, call Customer Service at (866) 633-9096 immediately. They’ll need your card number and other identifying information.

If you didn’t register your card before it was lost or stolen or before the unauthorized transaction occurred, Customer Service won’t be able to help you. They will investigate any claims you make about a lost or stolen card or an unauthorized transaction. If you don’t contact Customer Service within 60 days of the fraudulent transaction, they may not be able to assist you, so reach out to them right away. Keep in mind that no refunds will be given for amounts debited from the lost or stolen card before you notify them of the loss or theft.

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Conclusion for Walmartgift com

In conclusion, by following the outlined steps to create an account on the Capital One website, you can easily track your Walmart Credit Card transactions and manage your financial activities efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best way to use Walmart Gift Card?

Shop for groceries, household items, or gifts, maximizing their value.

Where to use Walmart Gift Card?

Use it at any Walmart store or online at

How to check the remaining balance on the card?

Visit Walmart’s website or call the provided number for balance inquiries.

How to purchase online with a Walmart Gift Card?

Enter the card details during online checkout.

How can I purchase an item higher than the card’s balance?

Pay the remaining amount with another payment method.

Use of Gift Card at a petrol station?

Typically accepted for fuel purchases at Walmart-affiliated stations.

Use of Gift cards outside the country?

Limited; check if it’s accepted at international Walmart locations.

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