The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wall Colour Combinations for Every Room

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wall Colour Combinations for Every Room

Decorating your home with a fresh coat of paint can completely transform the look and feel of your living space. But with so many paint colours to choose from, settling on the right shades for each room can take time and effort. Where do you even begin?

In this guide, we will walk through tips to pick the perfect wall colours for every corner of your home, from energising paints for productivity to calming hues for relaxation. Read on how to decorate on a room-by-room basis thoughtfully.

Setting the Mood in Shared Spaces

For common areas like your living room and dining room, which welcome guests, you’ll want wall colours that are inviting but also set the right vibe.

Living Room

Cool tones like airy aqua, soothing mint green, or pale blue-grey make wonderful living room wall colours. They provide a fresh backdrop for your furniture and decor. Consider painting one accent wall in a complementary deep green or navy blue for some drama.

Dining Room

Create an elegant dining space by selecting rich wall colours that stimulate the appetite, like spicy orange, terracotta red, or deep green. These colours pair beautifully with natural wood dining tables and boldly patterned upholstery on the chairs. For more versatility, stick to versatile beige or grey wall paints.

Energising Your Work Spaces

Home offices and craft nooks deserve uplifting wall paint colours to fuel creativity and productivity when you’re handling your career or passions from home.

Home Office

Surround yourself with cheery colours like sunshine yellow, blush pink, lime green or sky blue in your home office. These fun shades will keep you smiling during long work days. For a professional video call backdrop, coat one wall in a muted blue or grey tone.

Kids’ Rooms

Make your kids’ bedrooms true sanctuaries by allowing them to pick their favourite bright colours. Vibrant coral, turquoise, or lavender walls spark creativity and give kids of all ages a playful landscape for learning and fun.

Finding Tranquility in Private Retreats

Bedrooms, spa-like bathrooms and peaceful reading nooks require wall paint colours that promote relaxation and rejuvenation:

Main Bedroom

Unwind surrounded by dreamy blue, sage green or muted grey bedroom walls. To cultivate romance, opt for blush pink or pale purple paint colours. And keep baseboards and trim a crisp, bright white to prevent heaviness.


Establish a zen vibe in your bathroom with cool watery blue, seafoam green or neutral grey wall paint. Accent the upper half of the walls with light sandy beige and adorn the lower half in classic white wainscoting for a spa aesthetic.

Reading Nook

Curl up with your favourite book nestled between shelving or a cosy chair in a reading nook designed just for you. Soft dove grey, light taupe and buttery yellow paint colours envelop you in warmth but don’t distract.


When choosing paint colours, choose a light grey or creamy white for most of the rooms and bolder colours for accent walls. Consider the amount of natural light in each room. Darker colours work well in dimly lit rooms, while lighter shades are best for bright and sunny spaces. This will create a cohesive and beautiful home that reflects your style and brings warmth and tranquillity to every space.


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