5 Ways Your Business can Benefit From Voice Broadcasting

5 Ways Your Business can Benefit From Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is a unique technology that tackles several issues. Numerous organizations can effectively use it as means of communication.

The power of voice

In our modern world, we’re used to a lack of personalization in communication. Maybe it’s the standard boring email or letter in the mail. Consumers are tired of the constant bombardment and filter them out.

But with voice broadcast, it’s completely different because there’s a person talking to you. People connect to the human voice. You can adjust the voice actor and script to reflect what you want to get across. If it’s a notice of an upcoming store sale, maybe you want something informal, friendly, and upbeat. But if you’re trying to collect a debt, keep it serious. You can get the character of the message across.

Because of this, these voice broadcasting messages will be better received, better remembered, and will and possibly have a higher conversion rate. It’ll humanize your business too. Voice is so much more powerful than text.

Custom experience

The broadcast can be interactive. Recipients can interact using the touchpad or voice. You can have various menus and messages. The amount of things you can do is only limited by your imagination.

For example, many pharmacies program a broadcast to contact patients to inquire if they want their meds refilled. If they do, all the patient has to do is hit a button. If they want to talk to a pharmacist, they hit another button. All this is easy and convenient for the customer. Since this is all automated, the pharmacy saves on employee costs.

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Larger audience

Many people aren’t tech-savvy. A lot of people don’t use smartphones or computers. Some of the elderly barely use email and will miss out on messages. Voice broadcasting gets to almost everyone.

Some people aren’t literate and can’t read email, text, or snail mail. The visually impaired would also be affected. All these people would be able to hear voice.

Many people also prefer to communicate verbally.


Voice broadcasting is quite easy to scale up. You can send out a mass message, like email. So if you wanted to send a message to all your overdue accounts, this would be quite easy to do. This is a lot more efficient than calling everyone one-by-one.

Save time and money

The customizability combined with the scalability makes voice broadcasting a real money and time saver. You could create a broadcast to do anything and send it out to a group of people.

For example, you could program a broadcast to send a voice message to accounts who are late in paying. Included in the menu would be directions on how to pay. If you’re an independent contractor, this would save you from spending hours on a very tedious job. Businesses with multiple employees could reallocate their workers to other tasks. And many of your clients would appreciate the reminder.

The benefits of voice broadcasting are numerous. Businesses should look into adopting this technology.

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