Vladimir Okhotnikov’s Position Regarding Security in Metaverses 

Vladimir Okhotnikov’s Position Regarding Security in Metaverses 

In a new article Vladimir Okhotnikov, a crypto enthusiast and an ardent supporter of decentralization, touches on the topic of crime in metaverses. He notes how dynamically the IT industry is developing. Once fantastic things become everyday reality and there is no doubt that sooner or later metaverses will become part of everyday life.

According to the Vladimir, new opportunities will soon open up in various areas of our lives thanks to virtual reality. Unfortunately, crime will also get there along with them.

It would be ideal to live in a world where there is no dark side. But this is impossible. Looking back at thousands of years of history, I come to the conclusion that crime has always existed. It is described in all sources that have survived to the present day,” notes Vladimir.

An example is self-evident. Take the Internet, which has become an integral part of everyday life. Along with its positive aspects, new threats also came with it. One cannot but agree with the expert that we should be prepared for an influx of various deception schemes in the metaverses.

Criminals’ methods and ways to counter them

Just being unaware of danger doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Our social media accounts, mailboxes, and credit cards are potential targets for attackers.

Vladimir Okhotnikov gives the correct example with the modern Internet. Many of us do not have programming knowledge, do not know the server operating system and other things that are difficult for the average person. There is a feeling that our activities on the Internet are well protected. Technology is improving every day and we feel secure. How does this correspond to reality?

We risk becoming victims of criminals both on the Internet and in the metaverses. There should be no illusions about it. I agree with Vladimir that the main problems from the current reality will transfer to the new virtual worlds.

Sophisticated protection technologies are not a solution and social engineering is a good example. Criminals use only their voice to manipulate their victims. In the future, at least one more powerful tool will be added to this – visualization. And we should be prepared for such threats.

We cannot ignore such criminal activities as piracy.Here it is necessary to take into account the desire of consumers who are interested in using unlicensed assets. The problem itself is technically not so difficult to solve at this stage. We have an understanding that most digital assets are tied to NFTs. However, there is a real threat of token counterfeiting due to technological developments.

Vladimir Okhotnikov’s opinion on the jurisdiction problems in metaverses

One might think that there is no problem here: in which state the metaverse is registered, that jurisdiction it belongs to. In reality, everything is not so simple. Let’s take Bitcoin for example. The attempts to centralize it did not succeed. Moreover, could such a system be improved if it had such a structure?

Excessive oversight can negatively impact the evolution of metaverses. After all, it is decentralization that will allow new virtual worlds to be protected from external influence, create a unique environment within themselves and improve their own independent governance institutions.

However, many people have a different opinion. The question is if independent universes are evolving in the right direction? Who will determine the norms of law, morality and ethics, and based on what criteria?

The social networks that we’re used to have a huge impact on societies. Now let’s imagine for a moment what if they were not controlled by the state. The lack of proper regulation can give rise to a monstrous chimera, which will become a colossal problem for humanity.

Solving this problem will be a difficult challenge in the near future. Without solving it, society may face difficulties in coexistence with virtual reality.


A new analysis by Vladimir Okhotnikov reveals in detail the problem of security in virtual spaces. He touches on such important topics as cybercrime, piracy, and also describes social engineering methods used by scammers. The issues of jurisdiction and the legal framework in which the metaverses will exist are covered.

Problems and potential threats are described by an expert professionally and in accessible language. We recommend that you read the original article for understanding the current situation in the field of virtual spaces and related security issues.


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