Verizon Internet vs spectrum

Verizon Internet vs spectrum

If you are wondering which is the better comparable internet between Spectrum vs Verizon then we cover it here. We are now in the 21st century and this an era of technology and evolution. Every day we see that there are new advancements being made in the field in technology. Whatever we do in our daily lives it is influenced by technology in one way or another. When in the past we had to spend way lots of time to find simple information, now we get it within minutes through the internet.

Internet is now a crucial part of our lives, our lives are revolving around it. It is a requirement in every walk of life be it our work, business, schooling, college, entertainment or even relationships internet plays an important role in that. It is important to understand the value of the internet and how it is playing role in changing our lives, these days’ people are working from home and taking online classes as well so it is important to understand what kind of internet do you need?

We are mentioning two top broadband internet providers and their packages so you may choose the one that is available at your address or which you consider is better for you and fulfills your internet usage.

Spectrum Wi-Fi internet

All of us are aware of Spectrum as it is one of the top brands usually known as Charter Spectrum. It uses copper wires to provide internet services and it is known for its affordable rates. Spectrum is providing their internet services in more than 41 states at the moment and even if they are not available at any place and the neighborhood demands their services, they make it serviceable for them, which adds an edge to their services. You can dial spectrum customer service at any time and at any day, this is the best factor about them, they are always around the corner when it comes to assisting their customers. We have read many online reviews and one of the main reasons behind their 60 Million plus customer is their customer service. We all want to be valued and we expect quick responses too when we are spending our hard-earned money on any service. You always face internet outages no matter how great an internet service provider company is, in that situation when you are stuck you feel very agitated if there is no one to inform you about anything but with Spectrum you don’t face such issues.

Now if we talk about the internet speed which they offer is a minimum of 200 Mbps for $49 per month and for $57 you can get 400 ultra-internet speed and the highest is 1 Gigabyte for $100 per month. These are the promotional discounted rates and the best part that is only offered by Spectrum internet is the free internet modem that helps you to save the monthly rental fee which you pay around $10 with all other providers. However, you will be required to a small amount of monthly rental fee for the Wi-Fi router and if you have your own router you can use that as well. Spectrum does not bound their customer and they also, do not require any contracts. This is the undeniable factor about Spectrum Internet.

Verizon Internet

Verizon is also a very popular internet service provider in the United States. They offer fiber optic internet which is the latest technology that is being used by broadband internet providers. Their internet packages are also very affordable.

Verizon internet is a good choice but the features make it less attractive than Spectrum. Verizon is offering 200 Mbps per sec for $39 almost and their medium internet package of 400 Mbps per sec is for $59 per month and the highest 1 Gig internet is for $80 almost. You will have to pay an additional monthly rental fee for equipment such as a modem and a router. They offer fast internet speeds and you don’t face internet speed issues with them.

Summing Up

Well, if you are comparing the prices of Spectrum and Verizon internet service, you must be thinking that Verizon is a better option. Let us tell you that features and all the added benefits that Spectrum is offering is not offered by Verizon like no contracts, free anti-virus to keep you and your data protected, free Spectrum App, Free Wi-Fi hotspots connectivity, and open-door policy. When you have to choose any internet connection just remember that it is not a product that is to be used for some time, you must keep into consideration the factors that will benefit you in the future. You can always take more information but we have mentioned the prices of the internet packages that these providers are offering and also the internet speed tiers that they offer, they both offer similar speed tiers but the prices vary.

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