Did You Know Of The Types Of Ulip Plans Available?

Did You Know Of The Types Of Ulip Plans Available?

While numerous people are familiar with insurance plans in the private sector, not as many are aware of the ULIP Insurance plans, and those who have at least heard about it would like to understand the various types of ULIP Plans available to them. This article educates people on the various types of ULIP Plans available in the Indian market.

ULIP Plans for Retirement

Unit Linked Insurance Plans can help you accumulate savings and meet your long-term goals. You will need to pay a premium for a ULIP at the start of the policy, which could be used for your retirement needs in the future. To ensure that you continue to accumulate financial gains throughout your insurance plan tenure, it is advisable that you periodically revalue your ULIP portfolio and make any necessary adjustments. Take advantage of the tax benefits that come with this financial instrument and devise an investment strategy with your financial planner to secure your future. Some people are annoyed by their inadequate retirement funds while others beget the high debt burden. But you can tackle these problems masterly by opting for Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs). In simple terms, ULIPs are the combination of insurance policies and investments.

ULIP Plans for Child’s Education

If you want to build a secure future for your child, you’ve got two options. You can either continue to save and invest on your own or get a Unit Linked Insurance Plan that provides for a regular income over his/her lifetime. Protect your child’s future by investing in a Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) for him or her. Each year, you will be required to pay an annual premium which will be adjusted against the maturity value on the date of your choice when the child reaches 18. The maturity amount can then be used as per your wish. ULIPs provide the flexibility to choose your investment asset allocation over some time and they help plan for the future of your child. This head-start could be crucial in ensuring that children don’t have to struggle financially when they are older.

ULIP Plans for Wealth Accumulation

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is a combination of two insurance products – insurance protection and investment. For the death benefit, ULIP provides life cover where the sum assured is paid on the death of the insured, while for maturity benefits it offers payouts on the maturity of the policy. A high return on your investment makes ULIP an attractive option to create wealth over time. The years of life themselves are very vital and are met with expenditure on health, education, home, and many other areas of life that might create a need for funds at a later stage in the prime earning period. We must save during this wealth-creating phase and invest the same appropriately. ULIPs provide you with a tax-efficient way to build long-term wealth for your family.

ULIP Plans for Financial Planning

A Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is a tax-saving investment product offered by insurance companies. It is a combination of life insurance and investment in mutual funds, where the premium paid covers not only protection but also provides for future financial planning of your loved ones. It has become very important in today’s time because of the financial stability and well-being they provide. Unit linked insurance plans are marketed through Mutual Fund-like structures with long-term time horizons that protect an investor’s capital base by generating returns through equity markets. This allows you to facilitate your financial planning and accumulate a money corpus to sustain your family’s future.

ULIP Plans for Life Goals

Unit-linked insurance plans (Ulips) allow you to save money for your future and also make a huge difference in the lives of others. They help you build equity over the long term, which you can then use to fulfill your dreams. Assures you that your long-term goals will always be taken care of. The ULIP ladder is structured such that your premiums are invested in different types of funds and at the end of a stipulated period, give you maturity benefits which would include the sum insured along with a declared amount of bonus declared upfront depending on the market performance. A properly designed ULIP is a strategy to help fulfill all your financial goals, such as an education plan for your child or a dream vacation for yourself.

Why You Must Invest in ULIP Plans?

ULIP Plan is an ultimate investment tool that helps investors achieve long-term financial goals, independence and also ensure a good future for their loved ones. It offers profits on a compounding basis per annum. One can get maximum returns with minimum risk as well. ULIP plans offer high tax-saving advantages and safety from either market volatility or insurance company default, which in turn provides peace of mind to an investor.

The concept of ULIP plans was introduced in India in 1971. It is a long-term investment plan offered by private insurers to help individuals earn higher returns on premiums invested. While ULIP plans are similar to other investment products, they contain some unique features like portfolio and fund restructuring facility, flexible maturity period, death cover benefits, and more.

ULIP is one saving instrument that offers you the potential of enjoying a secure retirement at an advanced age. It accumulates and saves your funds in Equity Linked Investment Options, thereby presenting you with an opportunity to earn a higher rate of return. The regular contribution to a ULIP plan helps you to save long term and gain from the difference between market returns and premium rates, which for most policies is substantial.

Bottom Line

There are several Ulip Plans to choose from, but they all differ in the type of investment that is being made. While there are soe similarities between some plans, each one has its benefits and drawbacks.

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