UK49s Teatime Lottery Continues to Remain The First Choice of Players

UK49s Teatime Lottery Continues to Remain The First Choice of Players

People believe in lucky numbers and also tend to aspire for windfall gains. These are the two factors that make the UK49s Teatime Lottery the most natural choice of the buyers of lottery tickets. Interestingly, the buyer of the ticket does not need to wait for the results for long as the outcome of the draw is out within the day.

For decades together, people across the world had been buying lottery tickets to try their luck in it. Interestingly, in the UK and South Africa, the UK49s Teatime Lottery continues to evoke maximum interest among the people.

That is why people’s first choice when buying a lottery ticket continues to remain UK49s, the popular short form of UK49s Teatime Lottery. The UK49s happens to pride itself in being one of the biggest lotteries in the UK and South Africa.

Unlike other lotteries which are mostly held weekly, fortnightly and monthly, the UK49s is drawn daily in the UK giving a chance to try the luck of people daily. This is something that attracts the people in large numbers to the UK49s.

The UK49s is the most popular lottery among the people since one does not have to wait for long to see the result. One can buy the ticket on a daily basis and also see the result every day without waiting for long.

What is most important, the results of the draws of UK49s are declared twice every day thus making it extremely attractive for those who want to try their luck in the lottery.

It may sound very interesting that just as we have in the UK teatime results, there is also a lunchtime lottery draw which occurs at around 12:49 p.m. GMT every day. The Uk49s Teatime results are declared at around 5:49 p.m. GMT.

The UK49s lottery timing varies at times. Though the lunchtime lottery results time remains constant, the timings of declaration of results of the teatime lottery changes. Every year from October to February, the teatime lottery takes place at 4:49 p.m. and from February to October; it takes place at 5:49 p.m. GMT.

How to Play UK49s lottery game

The ways of play of this lottery differs a bit from other ones. Overall, it is similar to a large number of other lotteries. There, however, are certain minute differences that one must keep in mind while playing this very popular lottery.

The following cardinal points can be very useful for the people playing the UK49s lottery:

  • One needs to draw six numbers and one booster number from a lot of 1 to 49 numbers while playing this particular lottery.
  • Now it depends on the lottery player whether he or she wants to play a 6 number draw or a 7 number draw.
  • The seven number draw includes a Booster ball that will increase your chances of winning the lottery
  • You can either choose your numbers or let the Lucky Dip pick those numbers randomly for you

Pricing Structure of the UK49s lottery 

£1 is the price of each bet (minimum stake) in either lunchtime or teatime lotteries. For the 6 number draw, numbers are picked and if one of the picked numbers matches the winning numbers then the winning prize is £7. In the case of the 7 number draw, the winning prize is £6.

For matching 2 winning numbers in the 6 number draw the prize is £54 and for the 7 number draw its £39.

The winning prize for 3 numbers matching with the winning numbers is £600 for the 6 number draw and, for the 7 number draw—it’s £329. If 4 numbers are matching then the prize is £7,190 in the 6 number draw and, in the 7 number draw the winning prize is £3,799.

Finally, for a bet that matches 5 numbers of the winning numbers from the 6 number draw, the winning prize is £124,990 and for the 7 number draw, if the same occurs, the winning prize is £39,999. Truly, one can expect a windfall gain if his or her lady luck smiles on him or her.

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