What Types Of VPNs Fit Best with iPhone and How to Find A Free One?

What Types Of VPNs Fit Best with iPhone and How to Find A Free One?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a handy tool to join your networking armory if you wish to maintain your privacy at all times while surfing the internet. There exist numerous reasons for utilizing VPN including, safe browsing when using a suspicious Wi-Fi network, circumventing local limitations on certain websites, browsing unsafe web pages, and a lot more.

Today, the number of VPN users is rising. But a few years back, no one even knew its meaning. It is critical to understand that this tool functions as an intermittent service between you and a host website, offering a secure mode for surfing through privacy and information safety.

To help you make the best out of this tool when using the internet on an iOS device, we’ve listed a few amazing and free VPN tools!

1.   Proton VPN

It is undoubtedly the most reliable and trusted service that allows users to make the best of its features without limits! It is an unpaid and highly secure service for iOS users. But there exists two drawbacks – a slow speed compared to the available premium options, but it is unpaid after all! And the other one is you must make payment for using Netflix US.

Proton can cap speed to keep the congestion away, letting you network to countries including the Netherlands, US, and Japan, making it ideal for obtaining privacy and avoiding censorship. A trusted VPN service from Switzerland, presented to the users by Proton Mail,it  is perhaps the perfect option for all iOS users.

2.   Hide.me

It is outstanding service in both unpaid and paid plans for iPhone VPN users. If you’re subscribed to the unpaid plan, you have access to merely five servers including, Singapore, the Netherlands, Canada, US West, and East. If you wish to have access anywhere else around the globe, switch to another service, but these choices would most probably be enough.

Besides the above perks, it also provides an adequate level of safety and privacy for NO COST! It doesn’t matter whether you’re subscribed to the unpaid plan or the paid one because safety is not compromised. Hide.me offers 10Gb worth of data every month without paying any money with superfast speed up to 80Mbps.

3.   Atlas VPN

It is a VPN service provider based in the US that offers the ultimate level of safety and privacy to iOS users. Besides offering the capability to bypass censorship, it has outstanding streaming speed both in the unpaid and paid plans but lacks when it boils down to OpenVPN encryption. Thankfully, you can find IKEv2 in it, a safe encryption protocol.

Users remain safe even while investing in Bitcoin as this tool follows a no-logs and a kill switch approach.

If you’re subscribed to the unpaid plan, you have access to three countries – the Netherlands, Los Angeles, and New York with unlimited access. A significant drawback of this tool is its slower speed on free plans than on the paid ones and its inability to bypass Netflix’s US payment page!

4.   Windscribe

The one motto Windscribe lives by is not trusting your ISP provider – as they can track your whole internet history! But, by availing of this VPN provider’s services, you save abundant data and browse faster while maintaining your privacy. It is an unpaid yet popular service among iOS users as it offers access to ten countries in the unpaid plan – UK, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, US, Hong Kong, Romania, and Norway.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re subscribed to the unpaid plan or the paid one because the level of safety and encoding is equal on both. Users can enjoy a 10Gb data allocation per month in the unpaid plan – which is more than enough!

5.   Hotspot Shield

The last one on our list is Hotspot Shield, yet another unpaid VPN service. Based in the US, this service offers all iPhone users military-grade encryption and the potential to access websites and stream content throughout the world. Your identity stays anonymous as it does not log any data, thus keeping you safe from hackers and cyber predators.

Popularly known as the world’s fastest VPN, Hotspot Shield supports more than 70 locations. It has one of the best password managers and several other features.

Final Words

By utilizing a VPN tool on an iOS device, you maintain privacy by keeping your data and device safe. Any iPhone model can benefit from the VPN tool as it is enormously versatile. But it is always suggested to read the reviews and check the ratings before downloading and installing one.

All the VPN tools listed above are suitable for iPhones and are available in both paid and unpaid versions. You can subscribe to either service based on your experience and the features.

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