Your Trusted Home Buyer – A Peek

Your Trusted Home Buyer – A Peek

You might have come across several realtors by now. I’m sure you have an idea of how tiring selling a home is. Well, right from its condition to the documentation, it is a big stress. Adding to it is the fear of fraudulent transactions. If you are reading this, rest assured, for you have found the best place to sell your home.

Your Trusted Home Buyer 

This realtor firm is a group of investors tired of the lengthy home-selling process. Every investor here is aware of the discrepancies and problems faced by people when selling their homes. So, they work to ease the stress off you and buy your home as-is.


Your Trusted Home Buyer is most sellers’ go-to solution to sell their homes in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and different regions. Why? Several reasons encourage sellers into relying on this realtor, some of which are listed below.

  1. Approach: 

Firstly, it is the approach chosen by this team. The investors try and make it easy to sell your home in three simple steps. They are:

Step – 1 

You initiate the deal by approaching the team of Your Trusted Home Buyer. You can contact them, drop an email or fill their online form for the same. Here, you just have to mention the house’s location and some details about its condition. The team presents a cash offer and proceeds to meet you if the offer is okay for you.

Step – 2 

Here, a team of experts visit your place and examine the property before you. They make a detailed report of the house’s condition and required repairs. On your approval, the team proceeds to repair everything in your presence. Once everything is done, they sign the documents and provide the same to you.

Step – 3 

At last, the team asks for a convenient time to close the deal. You can choose whenever feasible for you and complete selling your home. If left to them, the team finishes off everything in seven working days.

Well, in case of major repairs, the team informs everything and tries completing it as soon as possible. In any case, this buyer tries closing the deal in seven days, as mentioned above.

  1. Cash Offer: 

One concerning issue in home selling is funding. People usually issue cheques or pay in installments. What if the cheque is not valid or if the installments are not paid on time? Imagine the stress and tension when you sell your home but don’t receive the money for it!

That is not the case with Your Trusted Home Buyer. The investors here put in a cash offer as soon as they receive your proposal. The final amount is decided after the repairs and is paid to you right after that. So, it is a one-time and final cash payment, leaving you with no scope to worry about.

The investors here consider various aspects when presenting the cash offer. They include the property’s location, required repairs, and their costs, its condition, the market value of the properties in that area, and others. The whole focus is to provide a reasonable deal to you so that neither you nor they have to face a loss.

  1. Repair Works: 

Another unusual thing from a realtor is taking care of the property’s repairs. Well, talking about this isn’t the thing, no one wants to buy a house with repairs in the first place. Not Your Trusted Home Buyer though! They buy your property in whatever condition it is.

The moment you approach them, they ask you for a convenient time for a team’s visit. Their team of experts examines the property and gets all the repairs done. So, the only thing you need to do is get in touch with this buyer! The rest is taken care of by the team and the investors.

  1. Documentation: 

Documentation is a crucial part of selling a property. So, people usually put in a lot of time preparing the documents and getting them registered. An agent or other buyers don’t help you here and instead, ask you to get the sale documents ready.

Your Trusted Home Buyer takes care of the documentation as well. After making the report and getting the repairs done, the experts’ team gets all the necessary paperwork and signs them before you. It is upon you to sign the papers then or take your time to verify the same. The best part, the team explains everything written on the papers and signs them only after your consent!

  1. Processing Time: 

One reason why most people love relying on this home buyer is the closure time. Right from the time you reach out to them for the sale, the team just takes seven days to finish off everything, including the repairs. You can let it be that way or choose to change it.

The team sent by the buyer explains to you everything about the house and the paperwork. They then ask you for a convenient time to close the deal in case you wish to advance the closure date. This home buyer is okay with their way of processing in seven days or waiting until you are ready to complete the sale.

  1. Location: 

Another thing to not worry about when choosing Your Trusted Home Buyer is your home’s location. The team operates in numerous areas, including Orlando, Tampa, Miami, etc. When you talk about these areas, that includes every zip code covering them. Even though your house is in a remote location in any of these areas, this buyer is ready to put in an offer.

Your Trusted Home Buyer seems to be like any other buyer trying to buy your property. But on a close watch, the investors here are more than just buyers. They have a team to analyze the repairs, a team to repair everything, a team to take care of the paperwork, etc. This buyer tries to ease the home selling process as much as possible so that nothing more adds to the pain of selling your home.

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