What Strategy Should You Adopt To Recruit In Your Company?

What Strategy Should You Adopt To Recruit In Your Company?

Generally behind the creation of a startup there is a unique value proposition, a goal; In order to implement this proposal, a complete, agile and committed team must be formed.

Faced with the great challenge of launching a startup as quickly as possible, the main thing is to form a committed team from the beginning and, in the same way, one must be aware of all the challenges that may arise.

For their part, personnel selection procedures have evolved substantially in all sectors, due in large part to the development of global competition to obtain the best talent.

You must bear in mind that startups grow rapidly and you must be prepared to face the accelerated pace, which requires good management and, above all, obtaining, attracting and retaining the most suitable talent for the company’s needs.

That is why if from the beginning there is a human resources area, it must be much more analytical and less subjective; this department must use tools such as skills analysis, which allows companies to be more prepared to face the effectiveness of the work environment and be proactive instead of reactive. As well are there are many other resources which helps you in this cases. The Hello Pareto solution helps you find talent accordingly your wish.

For its part, working in a startup has become a very attractive option in recent times for new professionals; Flexible hours, accelerated development, innovative business culture, are some of the characteristics of this new work environment that offers multiple opportunities.

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Tips For Recruiting Talent For A Startup

When it comes to recruiting talent for a startup, the traditional ways, such as looking only at knowledge, experience or academic history, are not enough to attract new talent; To find the ideal person and depending on the stage in which the startup is, the following advice should be followed:

Build The Employer Brand From The Beginning

Not being able to offer new jobs from the beginning of operations does not mean that different hiring processes cannot be started; a good idea is to work with a pool of talent that gives the startup the opportunity to hire all the time; These, in turn, are values ​​that the company must assume and at the same time be able to transmit to all team members, regardless of whether they are in a position to sign a contract instantly or in a few months.

A job list tries to identify in time the people who want to hire and work strategically to attract that talent, when these personnel selection techniques are implemented, it will be very likely that the available positions can be filled with the type of professionals that are really needed.

Define In Advance The Profile Of The Position

When a startup is starting, the possible profiles of all the candidates that will be recruited must be defined in advance; it is advisable not to limit yourself when evaluating different options.

When this personnel selection is carried out, it is necessary to segment and identify the profiles that best suit the needs of the startup; to effectively define the capacity of new talent and drive an effective recruitment campaign, the following aspects should be taken into account:

Implement New Recruiting Strategies

Generally when starting a startup, time and resources are quite scarce; that is why all the tasks must be properly distributed and the methods to be implemented must be planned in detail.

You will need to decide whether to hire one person full-time or multiple internal employees to handle all tasks part-time. Depending on the strategy, you should always participate in the search and selection process.

Once these first unknowns about the recruitment strategies to be implemented have been resolved, they should also be taken into account, whether the interviews will be in person or digitally; In the latter case, the following aspects must be taken into account:

  • All available job offers must be written clearly, concisely and in the second person, avoiding including questions that require long answers, forms or questionnaires that are too complicated, because they tend to scare away the best candidates.
  • It is advisable to use keywords that can be used in searches for job offers, by those interested and that can be incorporated into the new startup.
  • You should investigate the different channels frequented by the type of professionals you are interested in.
  • Before publishing the offers, the intentions of the company to add a specific professional profile must be made known, to avoid mishaps.
  • It is important to ensure that each of the applicants will receive a personalized response, since automated responses indicate a lack of interest; It is advisable to avoid these types of responses during any talent recruitment process.

Develop Employer Branding Strategies

When developing Employer Branding strategies, even if the company is small or has only been in operation for a short time, it must be able to communicate its mission and vision to all stakeholders. Employer Branding strategies are qualified as the group of associated operations that are carried out to position the image of the company.

These strategies aim to increase internal talent and promote their sense of belonging: It is an essential tool when you want to impress candidates during the recruitment and selection stage.

To implement these strategies, three simple steps must be followed:

  • Create a working group in charge of implementing the Employer Branding strategy.
  • A diagnosis of the state of the startup must be carried out to determine a starting point.
  • Set milestones or goals to meet and evaluate the value proposition that will be sent to new prospects.

Highlight The Image Of The Company

It is important not to neglect the image that the company projects in the different social networks, including digital environments, as well as spaces destined inside the companies.

You should not miss the opportunity to show the benefits of working in the startup, in addition to generating Teambuilding actions that bring team members closer together and provide signs of labor transparency.

The strong elements of the organization should be highlighted because most professionals prefer to work in a highly prestigious organization, considering it more stable and secure.

Despite the fact that large companies usually have periods of restructuring in which personnel reductions are made, it is still difficult to compete against them.

For this reason, all the advantages of working in a startup should be highlighted as much as possible; establish a direct contact that offers more freedom of action, less bureaucracy and approval levels, among others.

Take Into Account Undervalued Profiles

For new startups, as they do not have human resources areas or advanced technological tools to achieve good brand recognition, it is essential to be able to find an excellent strategy to attract the company’s first candidates.

In this first stage of recruitment, it is unlikely that a small business will compete with large companies and other larger startups, which are continually hiring; That is why one of the best strategies for recruiting is to look at profiles that are undervalued by the market and that, in turn, have the set of skills that are being sought.

A good way to attract the perfect candidate is to think the same way you think about target customers, generating value around the product offered, projecting a positive image, instilling values ​​and providing a business mission and vision that attracts the best professionals available in the market.

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