Think Outside the Circle with Square Silver Coins this Akshaya Tritiya

Think Outside the Circle with Square Silver Coins this Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya is just around the corner and individuals from different communities are gearing up to prompt into fruition, their skyscraping investment plans! A major section of investment can be made in silver coins as they provide protection against possible economic downturns in the future and even inflation.

As the silver coins hold high numismatic importance, even with the unpredictable possibility of a decrease in silver’s value – the silver coins will retain their worth regardless.

Silver coins also host a whirlwind of other sentimental meanings. Particularly, when gifted to someone on Akshaya Tritiya, silver coins represent a wish for a great degree of fortune, and prayers for continued good luck, prosperity and success through new ventures.

Silver coins are also considered to be valuable collectable pieces and are hoarded by history buffs and mythology enthusiasts alike. However, art appreciators love to add new variations of coins to their coin collections. To that end, brands have introduced square silver coins which are sure to serve as standout pieces in the coin collection.

So, highlight your taste for detail and the non-conventional by investing in square silver coins today!

Why Buy Square Silver Coins This Akshaya Tritiya?

Why Buy Square Silver Coins This Akshaya Tritiya?

Source: Mia by Tanishq

Silver coins are a reliable investment option, reducing the risk of otherwise putting all your eggs in one basket by sticking to one investment asset. It helps in diversifying the investment portfolio rather creatively. For collectors, the square silver coins are valuable additions to their assemblage.

Here are some other reasons as to why purchasing square silver coins is a smart idea:

  • Square Silver Coins Serve as Unique & Thoughtful Gifts:

It is not your usual type of gift idea which requires no thought or planning. Instead, it’s an out-of-the-circle type idea portraying deep consideration and positive intent behind it. Silver coins act as a medium for desirable manifestations of overflowing good luck and continued prosperity. So, the receiver is sure to feel your positive intentions associated with the bond you two share!

  • Square Silver Coins are a Signifier of the Time:

A major reason why silver coins are of interest to collectors and history buffs is their association with the period they are manufactured. In times to come, one can draw great insight into the years bygone through what the silver coins reflect. When you especially invest in square silver coins, they are representative of the soul of the generation – highlighting the era’s affinity towards the alternative and the experimental.

Ways to Repurpose Your Square Silver Coins

Beyond the obvious, there are a few creative ways to repurpose your square silver coins. Gen-Z is particularly known for its innovative takes on stuff which demands fresh perspectives. Highlighted below are a few ways to bring the square silver coins to daily use:

  • Use the Square Silver Coins as Charms on Jewellery: Further, personalise your jewellery pieces by adding square silver coins to them as dangly charms. They will add the extra bit of intrigue and make the ornament, be it a necklace, bracelet or anklet, one-of-its-kind!
  • Use the Square Silver Coins as Home Decor: If you are a collector of silver coins, consider framing them in a wooden box with a transparent plate. Have the square silver coins sit in the centre as the focus point and wow your visitors every time they come to your humble abode.
  • Enrich Your Family Heirloom: Silver coins will undeniably enrich your family heirloom owing to their numismatic value and understated aesthetic stature. Not only do silver coins add aesthetic significance to your coins’ collection but also hold a luxurious essence. With the addition of the square silver coins to your family heirloom, not only is its overall value enhanced but also maintained through decades.

Final Word on Buying Silver Coins Online in India

A few points to remember while buying Silver coins online in India include only settling for a reputable brand, checking in with the shipping and return policies and being caught up with the market value of the silver coins. These details will come in handy during the buying and exchanging process.

As established already, square silver coins are one-of-their-kind types of additions to a coins’ collection. They are specifically reminiscent of the time they were produced and host the ultimate historical cache. So, when you opt for them, choose a reliable jewellery brand like Mia by Tanishq and flip through affordable options online to find your perfect match.


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