Sort out for Steam Content file Locked Errors

Sort out for Steam Content file Locked Errors

While we having some updates for a steam game, they will get a message coming up displaying text like error during the updating game and the content file locked as this saying us that the steam cannot update the files to the hard drive, so we need to deal with the issue about content file locked steam by just following some easy ways to sort out with different solutions, but this can be like going to uninstall steam and along with all the content of the local game and again we need to reinstall everything from the scratch, this can be like long time taking and due to this we need to face a long time-consuming process, so we got some better fixing solution to troubleshoot steam content file locked error.

Initially, we just need to find if any system files are corrupted or not, then we can go for fixing the issue, so to check these files, we need to go with downloading Reimage plus that can perfectly trace out the files that were corrupted by running it, so after the trace check if there any of the corrupted files detected just make sure to fix them if they got fixed that was fine, and in case the issue is not repaired, then we can go the next methods.

Method of checking Antivirus:

Sometimes we just need to know that antivirus can also make issues like this steam content file locked error, by blocking the steam files as detecting them as virus files and will block them, and then we just need to make sure that we need to deactivate the antivirus until the update is completed for the game to make steam content file locked to unlock from it.

Method to Reset:

This can also be the reason for steam content file locked error, as Winsock catalog can be the reason to block the update for content file locked steam, so here we need to give a command to make it step back from blocking to default settings mode with a command to fix steam content file locked.

STEP 1:So know we can just go by clicking the keyboard shortcut Windows key with ‘R’R key together to open the run window and we need to set that to run as administrator to make sure this can be a reason for content file locked steam.

STEP 2:So know we need to give the command in the box that is available, this can do the operation to roll back the Winsock to step back from blocking the updates, and the command is ‘netshwinsock reset’

STEP 3:Next by executing this command of ‘netshwinsock reset’ then the Winsock will be going back to its default setting to fix this content file locked steam error

STEP 5:Then we need to restart the pc and make the steam unlocked updates work well with ease. Content file locked steam will be fixed simply by these methods that can unlock the steam content file locked error.

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