Server Monitoring Just Got Easier

Server Monitoring Just Got Easier

Whether you’re a Sysadmin, an MSP, or an ordinary tech guru, you should consider investing in an Saas server monitoring tool, a performance monitoring solution that will allow full visibility into the digital environment of any enterprise. This includes cloud-hosted and off-the-shelf “Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. Over time, monitoring tools get old and too complex to maintain.

Push your complex interfaces and unsupported legacy systems to the side along with your frustration, and upgrade your tools. Recognizing systems such as Microsoft, IBM, Scaleway, Capterra, Getapp, and G2, you can give the worries to a modernized monitoring tool and get back to work. As an individual with a wide array of technological experience or a full-blown enterprise, one of the top concerns should be keeping the digital platforms secure and free of interference.

What systems can be monitored?

With a monitoring tool, your entire IT infrastructure, no matter its complexity, can be covered. No software is too big or too small. With the right monitoring tool, you can guarantee your devices’ utmost privacy and safety, receive alerts and insights of all servers, intranets, websites, and any device on the network. What level of protection and security you want is entirely up to you, but with the right tools, you can ensure coverage for your servers, internet, intranet, and an array of systems including Windows and Linux servers?

Why do I need a monitoring tool?

To make it even better, monitoring your system can now be hassle-free regardless of your experience. It is important to keep your technology free of disruptions with access to the full insights of your servers’ CPU usage by processor/core. You should keep an eye on your devices’ memory utilization and disk fill levels and see what is utilized and what is available.

Always monitor your network bandwidth’s input and output, processes all across the server, and more. Keep an eye on any and all internet-based servers and their services including websites and email servers coming in from all over the globe. All while the cloud-based stuff is continuously being monitored, you can keep watch of your intranets, routers, switches, IP-cameras, printers, and any other IP devices behind a firewall to ensure high-level security over your physical devices.

How do I find a monitoring tool that is right for me?

The right monitoring system does not have to be expensive. Gain access to an intuitive and affordable monitoring system that will take care of your CPU and disk worries for you. Receive regular push alerts, and set the system up yourself. The setup takes minutes, and all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. In just minutes, your preconfigured checks and default alerts can begin flowing through your system so that you can stop spending your valuable time configuring the monitoring tool and spend more time actually monitoring your network. You will be first to find out about any issues without the typical hassle of setting up. Simple, balanced rules and channels of notifications will have you prepared to receive alerts in the event that something goes wrong.

Can I choose what is being monitored?

With an entirely customizable program, monitoring tools have never been this simple. Begin your monitoring process with reliable default values for all metrics, and from there, you can customize your notifications and warnings to alert you when something critically needs attention. Change the thresholds per server, service, or process with a few simple clicks, and you will be back up and running smoothly. The graphical rule editor makes for a breezy process, allowing you to adjust your alerts based on your personal needs and schedules.

Will training be necessary?

Rid yourself of the worry of being the only one capable of monitoring the system with the proper SaaS monitoring tool. With a monitoring tool designed to empower anyone on the team, you can intuitively manage, detect issues, and take action to solve them. These tools offer a system that works for all networks, operating systems, and necessary modules while still being easy to install and operate. Monitoring does not have to be a job in itself. With expert knowledge, your monitoring tool should solve issues in a fraction of the time so that you can get back to what is important.

Is a monitoring tool worth the cost?

Select a plan in which you pay as you go, paying for only what you really use, and receive unlimited metrics and sensors per host (server/network device/website) without the trouble of a contract. You can cancel at any time, but with a smooth-running system, it is unlikely that you will pass up a thoroughly modernized, simple, and affordable option for your networks’ monitoring.

Even for servers with 50-100 metrics, you can pay a low monthly price and receive features including dashboards, alerting channels, status pages, reports, 99 team members, and 30-days’ worth of data retention. With the lowest cost of ownership of all monitoring systems, efficiency is optimized throughout the entire product and the company’s setup. Receive a discount if you’re handling large partners and infrastructures starting at 1,000 hosts under monitoring.

With a multitude of real, honest reviews, you can see for yourself just how reliable this SaaS monitoring system is. In less than 20 minutes, you could be sitting comfortably and monitoring your system without the constant worry of reconfiguring and troubleshooting your own software’s monitoring tools. Experienced individuals have seen all kinds of shortcomings with other monitoring tools, and an upgraded monitoring system can rid you of these shortcomings.

Through the use of alert channels and readily available support via email or phone, your monitoring system should continuously work hard to provide the best security and monitoring for you and your enterprise. Simple software makes your life and your job easier, and you can rely on comprehensive in-product guidance or get one-on-one support until your system is running as reliably as you wish.

Security standards will always be met, and you only pay if it works 100% for you and for what you use. So, make the expert decision to upgrade your server monitoring tools and ensure top-of-the-line security for your networks and devices.

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