9 Signs You Need a Samsung S20 Ultra Case

9 Signs You Need a Samsung S20 Ultra Case

Are you still wondering if you need a Samsung S20 Ultra case? In that case, no pun intended, it should be interesting to look at the nine signs that you do need one indeed!

Finally, the day has arrived that you received your shiny new Samsung S20 Ultra that can offer you so much more than a simple S20. With its size, it may slightly remind you of these pads they used in Star Trek. You couldn’t be more thrilled to own a piece of Star Trek that came true, at last! With its size, you’d think you may not need a case. You couldn’t drop it as easily, could you?

A day-to-day gadget

You know, as soon you’ve unpacked your gorgeous new high-end smartphone with all features you ever dreamt of, you may handle it with lots of care. It’s new after all and you automatically pay lots of attention – in the beginning. Not the slightest sprinkle of water, nor a remotely sharp object will get anywhere near it. But as you get used to your new gadget, you consider it as something that will always be in your life. Gradually, you may start to toss it around as a habit. If you already have some dents or minor scratches, it’s time to get a case. You want your phone to look as shiny and new as long as possible, don’t you?

You have no insurance

Do you have insurance for your Samsung S20 Ultra? If not, it’s better to put it into a protective case. The most careful and un-clumsy people have all already been there: Of a sudden, it slips out of your hand, and boom. It’s broken. If you do have insurance you may not have to worry about the damage and its high repair costs. Truth is, most of us don’t have insurance for their phone. Having a great case for your phone just became more important.

You like the personalized style

Having your new Samsung S20 Ultra is great, but just having it like more and more people will, is a little boring. You have your own style and certainly want to include your phone in it. None of us typically goes out and grabs just some case. Even you do choose a case for your phone that fits your style the best. Fortunately, all phone cases are customizable. Add your monogram or the logo of your favourite band! A personalized case will also make it easier to distinguish your phone from your partner’s or friends if you have the same model. Pick your favorite color!

You’d like to sell your phone if you get a new model

Why would you keep your old smartphone if you get a new model unless it’s completely smashed? Exactly, you have no further use for it and you can get a good amount of cash if you sell it later on. Even in two years, there will be thousands of people who are just dying to get your S20 Ultra. Though it might be outdated for your personal use, others will take huge pleasure in getting that model for a little less. The fewer dents and scratches your S20 Ultra has, the more money you’ll get.

You smashed the display of your old phone

Since you’ve already been there, you’re most likely eager not to repeat that experience. A broken display is probably the worst for your smartphone. Fortunately, a proper case protects also the display of your Samsung S20 Ultra, not just its body. But since the S20 series is completely made of glass, you certainly want to avoid breaking it again.

You need a non-slippery rope

The Samsung S20 Ultra doesn’t only look sleek, it’s as smooth in your hands. But it may be a little too smooth and easily slips out of your hand. Has this happened before and did you almost drop it? Just put our phone into a case and you’ll have a much better grip on it. With a case, it doesn’t tend to slip and hide between receipts in your bag either.

Your kids have dirty hands

Technically, that’s not a bad thing. All kids have dirty hands, more often than we actually realize. It’s great if your kid is interested in something you’d like to show on your phone. However, if it grabs it with its dirty hands, you have to worry about moisture seeping into your phone when you clean it with a wet cloth. If you put your phone into a case, you can just take off the case and clean it. No more worries about any moisture!

You’re outdoorsy

Are you a lot outdoors? What do you do with your phone then? While you could certainly just put it into a bag, that surely doesn’t work for jogging or cutting firewood. Of course, you could put your phone into your pocket, if it’s large enough to hold your phone. But the Samsung S20 Ultra is a little larger than typical smartphones. You can’t just conveniently put it in your pocket anymore as was the case with older models. The more you do outside, the more you’ll find a belt-clip case to be most convenient. You could go for a run and should your house burn down, you are still reachable.

You don’t mind spending a few bucks

A good case for your Samsung S20 Ultra doesn’t cost much. You can get cases for just ten dollars with the added incentive that it does protect your phone inside and out. That’s not much in comparison to repair or replacement costs. After all, what are a few bucks anyway? If you’ve got a few bucks to spare and don’t mind not putting them into the savings for a change, they’re surely well invested into a phone case. With costs for phone cases being so low, everyone can afford one.

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