4 Salient Things You Should Know About Cryptocurrency

4 Salient Things You Should Know About Cryptocurrency

If you ever found paying cash directly to the one who provided you their service, easy and convenient, then chances are you will find cryptocurrency a highly comfortable way of dealing with payments. 

As cryptocurrency is an exchange of value digitally without having any middleman involved in the transaction, it makes it an attractive option for those who just do not see eye to eye with banks’ policies and ways of conduct. 

But, there are certain things that one has to know before they make the final decision of switching to this currency. 

First and foremost, they have to look for platforms in their regions that deal with selling crypto coins. For Australians, swyftx exchange is a good option to get bitcoins. 

Then comes the storing of these coins. For this, you will have to download specific wallets either on your mobile or your system. 

As you buy these coins, they are automatically stored in these wallets. 

Now you are all set to begin making purchases with them. 

But, and there’s always a but, there are a few things that you must know about cryptocurrency, which are discussed below. 


When it comes to investing and trading in cryptocurrency, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty clouding the market.

As this currency has no regulatory standards of its own like a typical stock market, therefore it is not easy to predict or trace growth patterns. 

Hence you are completely relying on your luck when you invest here. 

But, due to the current decoupling effect between stock and bitcoin in which bitcoin value rallied impressively while stock remained unrecovered, this currency makes a good option for investment.

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Highly Volatile

Where volatility poses risks and limitations for investment, it also opens many doors of opportunity.

Cryptocurrency, over the decade, has proven itself to be highly volatile yet highly profitable as at one point its value would be extremely low, and at another, it would skyrocket and break all the records. 

So, be sure to keep this factor in mind while you decide to either invest in cryptocurrency or use for payments. 

Unethical Use

It is true that this currency has been a goto method of paying, among criminals and frauds but you should know that this is not all it’s made for. 

Just like the fiat money, one can use it for deceitful purposes, cryptocurrency is also exploited for fraudulent activities and it must be easier with cryptocurrency as it provides complete anonymity. 

Yet, the currency is gaining popularity in the market and famous businesses are turning towards it, again due to its easier processing. 

So it is sure used for unethical purposes but it can as well be used by any common man. 

Total Cryptocurrencies 

We have been hearing about bitcoins for years now that most of the people are not even aware that there are at least 5000 cryptocurrencies out there. 

Except for bitcoins, all the other cryptocurrencies are collectively referred to as altcoins. 

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