PattaChitta Website Online Procedure in Detailed Steps

PattaChitta Website Online Procedure in Detailed Steps

Tamilnadu revenue department is having a procedure of maintaining all the data related to the revenue department, PattaChitta here the data hold all the details about the information of all legal transaction of property and owner details, everything is made into a systematic arrangement where all the PattaChitta Details are information is saved, and here we get a lot of doubts about PattaChitta Details, so initially to know what is patta is primarily, so patta is a very important legally registered document, where it holds the complete details of the real owner of the respective property and so patta is having more importance.

Why is pattachitta important?

Pattachitta is having a very significant role as it is having a legally registered document about the hold on a particular property by the mentioned owner in the patta, and so all the rights over that property are having its complete hold on the mentioned owner in that document by revenue department legally.

What are the details in patta?

The patta is a legal document and it will be more specific about every detail and they were

  1. District— here it specifies about which district our village comes to
  2. Patta number—this can be as a unique number of the document
  3. Name of owner—this is about the actual owner who legally holds the property
  4. Survey number— this is about the exact survey number of the property mentioned
  5. Subdivision— here it is all about to which particular subdivision it comes into
  6. Dryland/ Wetland— this is all about which type of land this property belongs to like they were mentioned as NanjaiNilam and PunjaiNilam in Tamilnadu about the land.
  7. Area of land— this can be more accurate to be with as mentioning exactly the area of the property the owner is having hold
  8. Tax details—so after mentioning all the details and the revenue calculations the payment of tax on the property is mentioned clearly.

And recently both the patta and chitta were set into a single document by Tamilnadu government and it is being well set by online and maintained with clean and simple by visiting to nearby taluk office.

So as recently the chitta details were also added with the patta by Tamilnadu government. So most of the people were having many doubts about how to apply for this pattachitta online and to make this clear, we are giving you all the details of how to apply for pattachitta through online.

Online procedure for pattachitta

  1. Just go to the pattachitta website online website and there we can understand each and every detail in both English as well as Tamil by just changing the language preferences
  2. Here we can see the patta and FMB/chitta/ TSLR Extract and by just selecting that and choosing the district of the property we are mentioning in this step.
  3. Now we will get the fields to be filed about the property details of which of Taluk it comes to, Village name, Ward number, Block of area, Survey Number, and also Sub Division Number details to be filled in detail in these specified fields.
  4. We will get issued a certificate of pattachitta by Town Survey Land Register with other details of the land type, door number which comes into the municipality .which includes the validity of the issued certificate also.

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