Popular Mobile Apps You Must Try for Fun

It’s been a few years since mobile apps for literally everything have flooded the market. Nowadays, mobile apps seem to have become part and parcel of everyday life. Whether it’s for ordering food or groceries, doing yoga, staying in touch with friends and family, or even keeping track of your water intake or diet, you have an app for everything. 

From entertainment to productivity to daily household chores, there’s a mobile app to help you out. Actually, there are numerous, countless apps to help you with each task. You name it, and there will be a mobile app for the activity. But our focus today is entertainment mobile apps, or rather, types of apps that you can try purely for fun. 

The following types of mobile apps make for great pastimes.

  1. Gaming apps – What a no-brainer, right? Gaming apps have to be the best, most fun pastimes. There are all kinds of games you can play on apps – puzzles, arcade, simulation, action, adventure, strategy, and even real money casino apps. Depending on what makes you tick (your preference), you can choose to play different types of games on mobile apps. 
  1. Cooking apps – There are several innovative cooking apps that will satisfy all kinds of people with the choicest recipes. Whether you’re vegan or vegetarian or a dedicated meat-eater, you can find an app that makes creating your favourite meals as easy as 1-2-3. Apps like Tasty and Yummly will turn you into a food blogger in no time! 
  1. News apps – There’s always the option of subscribing to digital versions of national dailies like TOI and HT, but what’s even more fun is trying new-age news platforms like InShorts (news in 60 words or less) or Newsahoot (news for kids). 
  1. Entertainment apps – There are a ton of OTT apps that will give you access to the most amazing online entertainment. But that’s not the only type of entertainment apps you can try. Check out podcasts and Audio shows and Audio books as well. Audio shows and books let you multitask as well – you can listen to them while doing mundane tasks around the house. 
  1. Creativity apps – Pinterest has to be the leading creativity app that lets you plan and collaborate on boards. You can plan weddings, your future dream home, upcoming trips and so much more on Pinterest, which is very good for seeking inspiration. But there are other creativity-boosting apps that you can try if you already have Pinterest, like papercraft, DIYs, and digital art apps.
  2. Wellness apps – These days you get apps to track your sleep, diet, water intake, and women’s monthly cycles. But there are also many fun wellness apps that will help you maintain your health while being great pastimes, like meditation apps, fitness apps, mental health tracker and more.

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