Manipulation of slot machines is not worth it

Manipulation of slot machines is not worth it

There are thousands of websites that would like to make the reader believe that it is possible to manipulate or trick the popular online slot machines with secret tricks. But this assumption is wrong. Because there are no secret key combinations or a certain strategy that guarantees a full screen on a slot and the associated profit.

Game play, for example, in a casino that accepts Entropay is a game of chance. And as the word suggests, it is luck that decides whether you win or not. And yet, there are always players who try to manipulate and cheat slot machines.

Before online gambling, gambling was done exclusively in gambling houses, arcades or casinos. Here it was possible to manipulate the games of chance directly on the machines. Methods were used that falsified the mechanics or completely overrode them. For example, there were players who knew exactly how a slot machine was constructed and how it worked, and they used magnets to influence the reels as to when which lucky symbols should stop. Or they used a jinxed coin to trick the machine into thinking they were making a deposit.

Another trick was to insert a wire and send an electrical impulse through it to the circuit board, which was used to calculate whether there was a win. After that, the devices spit out large amounts of money. All these methods have one thing in common: they are punishable by law, and each time a machine is tampered with, the courts impose a short prison sentence or a heavy fine.

Imprisonment for manipulation of slot machines

For many years, the online gambling market has been growing and outstripping land-based arcades. Slots also play a particularly important role here, as they are very popular among players. The gambling portals on the Internet all have their advantages and disadvantages, but this does not diminish the popularity of online casinos and the trend towards gambling continues.

Anyone who has already played in an online casino has certainly wondered, after a dry spell and losses, whether it is possible to manipulate the slot machines on the Internet. The answer is yes – for example, with a cell phone and with a special app or software. So, with the right program, it seems to be very easy for fraudsters to hack the virtual machines and do something illegal with them.

But of course, this also means that you are liable to prosecution. Because the casino operators notice this quite quickly, as they work with software that immediately detects any fraud and fends off the attack.

In 2019, the Ottawa District Court sentenced a gang of eight, who interfered with the software of the slot machines via remote control with a computer program and thus manipulated the winnings, to prison sentences of between six and 23 months.

Secret tricks on the Internet

One should be very careful with various Internet sites, which offer for example slot machine tricks for money. There are even ebooks for about 50 dollars, which want to reveal secret tricks at the slot, with which you can collect a lot of money at the slots in an online casino.

Anyone who gets involved in such “services” must know that it goes without saying that software developers and operators of online casinos safeguard themselves against tricks and manipulations on slot machines. Nobody can defeat a slot at all or even permanently with any tricks. That is why it is not worth spending money on dubious tricks. There are plenty of secret instructions for manipulation tricks on the Internet – the only question is how long they will remain secret.

The dubious apps are also constructed by inventors who may have sufficient technical understanding, but do not want to know about serious business. They, too, profit from as many app downloads as possible and thus generate high revenues. Basically, the apps do not serve their purpose, but they are also illegal. The hacker apps for slots promise to crack slot machines, but the security measures of the slot software in online casinos are very effective and detect tampering in the early stages.

Besides, every single slot has its own algorithm. At least, that’s how it is with all the renowned NetEnt, Bally and Merkur slot machines.

The app would already have to be applied to the exact online game where the data also matches. But spying and intercepting data is generally prohibited under Section 202b of the American Criminal Code (StA). Moreover, the developers of such illegal apps only target the downloads and sales. It is also quite possible that you catch a few viruses during the download and then the whole thing turns around.

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