Dive into Interactive Kids Educational Games & Tools 

Dive into Interactive Kids Educational Games & Tools 

Discover a world of fun and learning with our free kids educational games! We offer a variety of games that make learning enjoyable for everyone. Whether you’re a student wanting to practice new skills or a teacher looking for engaging classroom activities, our games are designed to help you succeed.

Fun Math Games: Mastering Basic and Advanced Skills!

Kids can learn all about numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing through fun math games. They can start with easy stuff like recognizing numbers and simple math, and then move on to trickier things like shapes and geometry.

Fun Language Games: Explore Words and Grammar Skills!

Kids can play games to learn words they see a lot, like names of things, words that replace names, action words, describing words, and more. They’ll get better at grammar while having fun with the app!

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Fun Typing Games: Learn to Type Faster and Better!

These days, typing well is really important. Lots of things we do use technology, so being good at typing is super helpful. TurtleDiary has cool games that help kids get better at typing so that they can type faster and better.

Exciting Multiplayer Fun: Play and Compete with Friends!

We have lots of cool games where kids can play with friends and classmates. They can challenge each other and even play with people from around the world, all in a safe place.

Explore Science Adventures: Engaging Games for Curious Minds!

Our science games make learning fun and spark curiosity in your child. They cover lots of cool topics like the body, weather, animals, and more. Your child will understand science better while having a blast!

Discover the World: Engaging Geography Games for Kids!

In our geography games, kids explore maps of the US and the world. They can easily learn about different parts of the globe, making studying geography more fun and manageable.

Efficient Student Management: Simplify Your School Processes!

Account Creation:

District Administrators: Invite multiple schools to join the program and help School Administrators and teachers set up accounts.

School Administrators: Invite teachers to join and set up classes.

Teachers: Create classes and add students to them.

Account Login: Use TurtleDiary credentials or your existing Google account.

Dashboard: Access everything easily from our user-friendly dashboard. Manage classes, update student details, and add students or classes as needed.

Helpful Tools for Teachers & Parents

At TurtleDiary, we provide tools to help teachers and parents track how students are doing in their learning journey. Here’s what we offer:

1. Worksheet Generator: Teachers can make their worksheets with whatever they want on them.

2. Printable Lessons: Choose from over 100 lessons to print out or use online for teaching inspiration.

3. Assessment Tests: Lots of tests are available anytime to see how students are doing and find areas to work on.

4. Assignments: Teachers can make their assignments and send them to students easily.

5. Reports: Keep an eye on students’ quiz scores and how they’re doing in activities.

6. Google Drive Integration: Connect TurtleDiary to Google Drive to access documents without switching programs.

7. Google Classroom Integration: Use your Google account to log in and bring your Google classrooms into TurtleDiary, saving time and resources.

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Educational Fun for Elementary Kids

Turtle Diary brings a bunch of cool online games for kids from kindergarten to 5th grade. These games help with stuff they’re learning at school. Sometimes, kids just need a little extra practice to understand what they’re taught. Turtle Diary helps with that, and more!

The games look awesome and are just right for each grade and subject. While kids have fun playing, they’re practicing and getting better at new stuff.

With Turtle Diary, kids can try lots of games on the same topic. This helps them really get the hang of things. No more boring memorizing or flashcards!

Kids will want to keep playing more games on our site. They can play alone, with friends online, or with other kids using the site. Knowing other kids are practicing too makes it even more fun. Plus, they can even have friendly competitions!

Forget the fights about doing schoolwork. Let your kids try Turtle Diary instead. Then, sit back and watch them enjoy learning!

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