Who is Journey River Green? Everything You Need To Know

Who is Journey River Green? Everything You Need To Know

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox were married for 11 years during which their relationship faced challenges. They have three sons together. The youngest one is named Journey River Green. Apart, from his two brothers Journey doesn’t have any siblings.

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About Journey River Green’s Parents

River’s parents are Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox. Brian rose to fame for his portrayal of David Silver, on the television series Beverly Hills, 90210. He has also appeared in shows like Freddie, Wedding Band, Anger Management and Terminator; The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Megan Fox, an actress and model made her debut in the family movie Holiday in the Sun. She has taken on supporting roles in projects such as Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Had a role in the ABC sitcom Hope & Faith.

The couple met while working together on Hope & Faith when Megan was 18 years old. Despite their 13-year age difference, it didn’t hinder their connection as Fox was instantly attracted to Green.

Although they initially got engaged in November 2006 they ended their relationship in February 2009. However, they reconciled by 2010. Tied the knot in June at the Four Seasons resort, on Hawaii’s Big Island. Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end when Fox filed for divorce citing differences in August 2015.

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Journey River Brothers

When Journey River Green arrived he joined his siblings; Noah Shannon Green, who’s now 10 years old and Bodhi Ransom Green, who is now 8. They also have a brother named Kassius Lijah Marcil, who’s 20 years old. Kassius is the result of Brian Austin Greens’ relationship, with actress Vanessa Marcil, who was his co-star on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Before Journey River Green came along there was a lot of attention focused on Noah Shannon. His parents received media attention for allowing him to wear dresses in public. Megan Fox shared that Noah started wearing dresses when he was two years old. In response, to this situation Fox took the initiative to read books in order to better understand and support her son.

Journey Another Brothers From Brain Austin Green and Sharna Burgess

Why settle for four boys when you can have the joy of having five? The family of Journey River Green experienced an expansion when his father entered into a relationship, with none other than his partner from Dancing With The Stars, Sharna Burgess. Their love story sparked conversations. Created quite a buzz when they embarked on a retreat to Hawaii in December 2020. Now their bond has become more official with the heartwarming announcement of Sharna’s pregnancy, in October 2021. As of June 28, 2022, Journey River Green is no longer a member of their family as they welcomed Zane Walker Green into their lives. A heartwarming moment was captured in a picture that featured Sharna surrounded by all the boys, including Zane Walker commemorating this joyous occasion.

Journey River Green’s Net Worth

Currently, he is not, at an age where he can possess property. He was born into an amount of wealth considering that his parents are among the affluent personalities, in Hollywood.

Did Megan Fox See Her Kids?

After their separation, Brian and Megan decided to spend time with their children. Interestingly Brian has been quite consistent, in sharing photos of himself with the boys on media while Megan has posted pictures of her kids.

One specific incident that caught attention was a Halloween 2020 photo that Brian shared showing him dressed up with Journey. This raised questions about Megan’s level of involvement with her children compared to Brian considering her lack of posts. People online started criticizing her and accusing her of being a mother.

In response to these comments, Megan took to Instagram to address the situation directly. She expressed her dissatisfaction, with Brian for perpetuating the idea that she’s a mother and even shared the image with a strongly worded caption. She demanded that Brian take down the picture.

Surprisingly Brian complied with Megan’s request. Removed the image. However, he later reposted it after editing his son out of the picture.

How Rich is Brian Austin Green?

Brian has primarily earned his income from acting a career has been dedicated to since the mid-1980s. His impressive wealth is evident, in the Malibu home he owns. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his fortune is estimated at $8 million, which’s quite similar, to the worth of his former spouse Megan Fox.

Journey River Green was born into a world of fame and prosperity. Despite their separation, both parents have always shown love. Care for him and his siblings.

Are Megan Fox and Brain Austin Split?

The news of the pregnancy caught people’s attention because Megan Fox had previously filed for divorce, from Brian Austin Green in 2015. However, sources close to Green claimed that their separation had been put on hold by the time they made the announcement.

After the pregnancy news broke photos emerged of Journey River Greens parents holding hands on the beach in Hawaii where they got married in 2010. They also shared moments around town going on romantic dinners and celebrating Fox’s 30th birthday during that time. Moreover, they were spotted having lunch outings, with Journey River Greens brothers.

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In conclusion, the arrival of Journey River Green, into the family brought dynamics to the relationship between siblings Noah Shannon and Bodhi Ransom Green. In addition, there is Kassius Lijah Marcil, the brother of Brian Austin Green’s relationship with Vanessa Marcil. Despite facing attention and criticism regarding their parenting choices Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have successfully navigated challenges. Embraced the unique qualities of each of their children. Their journey as parents reflects the complexities of parenthood, in the eye, where unconditional love and understanding always take center stage.

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