iBOMMA – Watch and Download Latest Movies Free 2022

iBOMMA – Watch and Download Latest Movies Free 2022

The number of torrent Telugu movie sites is rising. iBomma is one of them. Besides Telugu, this site also offers films and other entertainment programs in different other South Indian languages including Tamil. It has a vast library or collection of copyrighted films and shows them illegally. iBomma is a free movie download site.

What is the iBomma Movies Website?

Having several domains, mirrors, proxies, and extensions, iBomma illegally leaks films in different languages including Telugu. Being a free site, anyone can download just-released films and other copyrighted programs without paying any money for them. iBomma also offers an HD version of different movies.

It offers the online streaming facility to move lovers even when a newly-released movie is already running in the cinema halls. Thus, this site deprives those of financial income who have film rights. The cinema hall owners also suffer loss as people avoid coming to cinema halls and viewing the film on the iBomma site.

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Features of iBomma Movies Website

Like other piracy sites, iBomma also has some unique features. Most torrent sites have identical features. iBomma is no different in features from such torrent sites.

The main features of this piracy movie streaming site are numbered below:

  •  All just-released or latest movies are available on this illegal site.
  •  It has a stock of Hollywood Movies in large numbers.
  •  iBomma has a huge collection of dubbed movies in different languages.
  •  The process of downloading movies is very fast.
  •  Almost all categories of movies are available on iBomma illegal site.

How Does ibomma Movies Website Work?

iBomma works in the following way:

  • It is available in almost types of Internet-facilitated systems including PC and laptops.
  • iBomma is basically an advanced Android app thus working to facilitate all having an internet connection.
  • It works like different other devices that run on Android OS.
  • iBomma app can be downloaded to view movies very easily on Android devices with the help of the App Download for smartphones.
  •  After downloading the movie of your choice, you can directly watch it without any interruption.

Why iBomma Movies Website is So Popular?

This torrent site and its proxies or mirrors are extremely popular all over the world. The Non-Resident Indians from South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Telangana frequently download movies from this site.

The reasons for the popularity of this site are the following:

  •  You can view a film immediately after its release. Even when the film is running in theatres, you don’t need to go there to view it or pay money—you can watch the video clips or complete the film totally free of cost on this site.
  •  Film qualities in HD are available on this site.
  •  The film qualities of old, classical, and vintage movies are very good.
  •  iBomma has a large number of the mirror, proxies, or similar sites. Hence, you can download from any one of them to view the movies.
  •  It is absolutely free of cost, fully 100%.

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Is it Safe and Legal to Use iBomma Movies?

It is totally illegal and unsafe for you to use this site to view pirated movies and all other programs. If you are caught viewing from this particular site, you are liable to face a jail term or cash fine, or both. Hence, you shouldn’t visit the iBomma site. You should note that it is not only iBomma that is unsafe to download movies but all other torrent or mirror sites are illegal to visit.

How to Download Movies from iBomma Movies Website?

iBomma allows you to download movies in the following way: 

Step 1: Follow the process of the BitTorrent Protocol

Step 2: Go to ibomma and try various combinations when it comes to domain extensions.

Step 3: Once you see the home page, click on the search button.

Step 4: When the cursor starts blinking, type your film name or movie title.

Step 5: A lot of links will appear. Click on your desired link and wait.

Step 6: Double click on the torrent file you want to view online or download offline

Step 7: After a few minutes, the movie file will be in your download folder.

How to Unblock iBomma Movies Website?

To unblock the iBomma site, you have to do the following:

Use iBomma Proxy Sites — Method 1

It is the most simple and straightforward option. Try to visit any iBomma mirror site and enjoy the movies you wish to watch

It is quite possible that the government in a state might have blocked this torrent site. But by visiting mirrors or alternative proxy sites, you can download movies or other clips.

Use Tor Brower — Method 2

Step 1: Download TOR Browser online

Step 2: Go to the desired ibomma URl

Step 3: Fill out film name on its search box

Step 4: Double click on the link and the download process will begin

Step 5: Once downloaded, you can enjoy the film on the device

Note: You can use TOR on Windows, Linux, and Mac-installed devices.

Ibomma movies Proxy/ Mirror Sites List

iBomma has several proxy sites as follows:

  •  ibomma.com
  •  ibooma.com movie
  •  ibomma.in
  •  i bomma.org
  •  2.I bomma.pw
  •  i bomma telugu
  •  iBomma.io

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How to Download the iBomma Movies App?

Step 1: You may not find ibomma app on Apple store or Android play store

Step 2: Search for a reliable and official link to ibomma site

Step 3: Whenever you see ibomma mobile app, double-click on it

Step 4: Soon, download and installation of ibomma app will start

Step 5: Grant permissions wherever required

Step 6: Within 9 minutes, the app will be downloaded and installed

Double-click on the app button and enjoy your favorite film on ibomma for free.

Top Alternative for ibomma Movies

1. Pagalworld

This site is very fast and downloads music of almost all types without charging any money.

It has the following features:

  • A huge collection of the latest songs from Bollywood films
  • Urdu Ghazals are available in it.
  • Most Punjabi pop songs are available.

Website URL: https://paglasongs.com/

Price: Free

2. Hubflix

Hubflix is a web-based service offering a large number of movies, television serials and other entertainment series.

It has the following features:

  • It shows short films and documentaries
  • It has a vibrant service for the children
  • It has a good library of songs of different types and in languages.

Website URL: https://allmovieshub.vip/hubflix/

Price: Not Applicable

3. Tamil Yogi

This is also a torrent site. It is extremely popular across the world as Tamil-speaking people download just-released movies from it without any cost.

The features of this site are the following:

It has a huge stock of just released, old, classical and vintage movies in Tamil.

It releases a movie almost simultaneously with its release in theatres.

It has a vast library of Tamil songs of films.

Website URL: http://tamilyogi.mobi

Price: No Cost

4. Hiidude

It is famous for its huge stock of Indian and foreign films. It has now gained massive popularity across the world.

The main features of this illegal site are:

Pakistani films are available

All films in the South Indian language are available

All latest, old, vintage, and classical Hindi movies are available in its library.

Website URL: http://ww2.4hidude.biz

Price: No price

5. 9kmovies

It is a piracy site. The popularity of this site is spread all over the world. You can download entertainment programs of different kinds absolutely free of cost.

The main features of this site are:

  • Films of all languages are available for download
  • The downloading process from this site is extremely simple
  • It has a vast library of feature films of Indian and foreign origin.

Website URL: https://9kmovies.pics/

Price: Free

In Conclusion

iBommai viewing must be discouraged as you are doing a disservice to the nation by depriving directors, producers, and film distributors of their income by downloading the films they have produced through this type of torrent site.

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