How to Run Facebook Ads That Convert

How to Run Facebook Ads That Convert

Facebook is a social media site, but it has also evolved into a marketplace. Several companies conduct their businesses online, and Facebook is one of the best platforms to onboard customers for these businesses. Every business needs to improve its conversion rates. You may write good ad copy, but getting people to become your customers can be daunting.

Facebook is an excellent tool for lead generation, and if you are looking for people to become your regular customers, you can use the platform to your advantage. The best thing about Facebook is that you can run ads for your products and services and reach out to people worldwide. There are different types of Facebook ads, and you can choose the type based on various aspects like your target audience, the location of your target audience, etc. Facebook has millions of active users, which will help your business get an edge.

Running Facebook Ads 

Facebook ads are a crucial aspect of companies conducting their business online. It would be best to consider several things before you start running ads that will convert. Some of these considerations are listed below: 

Targeting based on Interests

Facebook allows you to reach out to customers based on their areas of interest. For instance, if you are a sports merchandise company and want to reach out to customers interested in sports, you can use Facebook ads to target those people. You can filter out your results based on the interest of the consumers.

If you are launching a local tea brand, Facebook allows you to reach out to people interested in tea or follow similar tea brands. You will have to define your target objective and then choose your audience based on any interest that they might have. These people can be termed as pre-qualified leads as you don’t have to put in the effort to generate interest among these people as they are already interested in the category. When you put up a lead nurturing system in place, you will maximize your returns out of it. Reaching out to the correct audience will save a lot of time and money as you will not spend your resources frantically searching for a suitable audience base. 

Attract your Audience 

There are different ways in which you can pull your audience towards your brand. You can use various content forms to tap into your consumer base. You can use video ads to engage with your customers and potential buyers. You can use a video ad maker to create these engaging video ads that will lead to better conversions.

You can use a lead magnet to collect information on the people interested in your product. This way, you will be able to collect information from people who might be interested in your service and the customers too will get a taste of your product—influencing people to make a purchase decision and convincing them to enter their card details to make the purchase can be an extremely daunting task. However, you will generate a good buzz for your product with lead magnets.

A lot of brands are using engaging video content as a lead magnet. This has become possible because people tend to love videos as they are informative, but they also give the audience some short bursts of entertainment. Short videos have shown promising results to several brands, and you can try this safe technique to bring in more quality leads for your business.

Optimizing Landing Pages

This is one of the essential steps of running a Facebook ad. Your ad might be one of the finest ads your customer has ever seen, but once they are on your page and are confused about their next step, your purpose has drastically failed.

The primary focus of your landing page should be conversions, and you should give the customer as much information as possible so that they make the purchase decision quite easily. You can even incorporate some videos on your landing page so that the customer understands everything about your product or service. Also, you should ensure that the landing page looks credible. Only then will you retain customers and make them loyal to your brand. 

Drive Traffic 

The primary purpose of Facebook ads is to drive traffic to your website. Conversion can be defined as any action right from people downloading your app to making a purchase of your product. You can use Facebook PPC advertising to drive traffic to your landing page. It is vital to leverage the features of different social media channels to drive traffic to your website and landing pages.

You should have a marketing budget in place, and you should invest in organic promotion and PPC traffic, as a mix of both is always good for the business. While running paid ads, you need to keep a tab on the cost per acquisition. This cost will define the amount of traffic you were able to generate for the website and at what cost were you able to do so. You need to constantly track your conversions and update your ad strategy based on these conversions.


Facebook ads play a significant role in reaching out to new consumers and retaining your old consumers. It would be best to have an optimized Facebook ad strategy in place. You can track the performance of your ads using the ad manager, which will help you with optimizing your Facebook ads for better conversions.

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