How to Make Travel Time Fly By

How to Make Travel Time Fly By

Being able to get out there and explore the world is brilliant, but so often our first experience of a new country is ruined by poorly planned transportation. Have you ever sat on a long-haul flight next to a snoring passenger without earplugs? Have you ever got so carsick on a long-distance bus that you’ve ended up having to abandon it altogether? Both of these scenarios can be helped or even totally avoided if you just spend a little time planning. We’ve got some tips to make sure your time spent travelling to your destination doesn’t end up ruining the vacation itself.

Take Time to Pack a Flight Bag

We all spend a great deal of time packing for the vacation itself and so we should, being prepared is important. Be honest though, you don’t spend any time packing your in-flight bag. When you think about the time spent flying versus the time spent on holiday, it sort of makes sense. However, what we don’t take into account in this version is that when you’re with your on-flight back, that amounts to everything you have to amuse you. If you’re flying long-haul then pack a sleep mask and some earplugs to be sure you’ll arrive feeling refreshed. Pack some food in case the airline gets your order wrong. Pack a hydrating face cream so that you feel photo-ready once you land. Once you’ve got this bit done, pack the rest of the pieces on this list, then, and only then, will you be truly prepared.

Have an Arsenal of Games at the Ready

Whilst getting to sleep is an important part of a long-haul flight, it isn’t possible on all forms of transport. Generally speaking though, what is possible is playing a few games. Packing something to keep your mind busy will help your travel time fly by much more quickly. It’s worth remembering that if you have favorite sites that you visit in the US for example, that these might not be available in the country that you’re visiting. Casino lovers should research the legality of casino games in the country that they’re visiting. For example, many Asian countries have slightly different rules on gambling, which explains very clearly. Their section on playing Blackjack in India is totally comprehensive and lets users know exactly what to expect from a new site that they might choose. Taking just a few minutes to do this kind of research will help to make sure that you don’t end up bored on that long journey.

Keep a Travel Diary

Travel Diary

Here at we’ve already written plenty of tips for solo travelers, but one thing that extends to anyone traveling for any period of time is to keep a travel diary. Whilst this tip won’t apply so much to the trip out, it will certainly apply to trips taken whilst you’re abroad and your journey home. Keeping a travel diary is a brilliant way to stave off boredom, but it’s also really productive. Having a carefully filled-out journal of your adventures is a lovely keepsake that you’ll treasure for years. Whilst you’re on your travels keep little bits of ephemera to stick into your journal like a scrapbook. You’ll be amazed at how they can instantly transport you back to a place.

Bring a Whole Library

Some of us just aren’t into playing games on our phones or carrying around ticket stubs to stick into a diary and that’s fine. Hopefully, you enjoy reading instead! The big problem when it comes to being a voracious reader on holiday is that books take up an awful lot of packing space. When the Kindle first came around a lot of bibliophiles were very excited, but found that it was prohibitively expensive. As time has gone on, E-readers have become really affordable. Grab yourself one and stock it up with some of your favourite authors. Instead of being confined to a corner of the suitcase, you can bring hundreds of titles with you in less than the space that just one short novel would take up. Audiobooks are often cheaper than their paper counterparts because they don’t require the same materials to make them. There are lots of sites where you can download books, including which usually offers a free book when you first sign up

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