How to Get Foreign Phone Numbers for SMS Verification Online while in Any Country

How to Get Foreign Phone Numbers for SMS Verification Online while in Any Country

Many currently working websites and apps ask users to verify their mobile phone number when signing up for an account. This requirement is especially relevant in the case of social networks, instant messengers, and other online services related to communication with people. However, there are situations when fulfilling this requirement is not possible because a phone number is issued by a cellular provider from a country that is not supported by a particular online service. This kind of problem can be swiftly and easily solved by online phone numbers.

Online numbers as a technological feature

While this solution may seem unusual and complicated, its functionality is not really different from that of a regular mobile phone number. Every online number operates on the network from a real cellular carrier and has the same number of digits as well as country dialing code. So, even with specialized software, it is impossible to distinguish one number from another. But there is still one difference that makes it a useful tool for bypassing territorial restrictions when registering with various services.

Users can operate online numbers without a SIM card or even a mobile phone because they run on appropriate online servers. Everything that is required to take advantage of them is any device connected to the internet. This makes it possible to receive SMS from websites and apps when located anywhere around the world. Moreover, it also gives the opportunity to get numbers from any country. For example, it is not a problem to obtain and utilize for the intended purpose a number to receive SMS China or Germany when located in India. This is absolutely normal approach in this case.

Significant benefits

The option to get access to services that are only available in specific countries is just one of the reasons why people choose online phone numbers. There are a lot more things that make them a popular and good solution in many situations. For example, such numbers are also effective in the following cases:

  • Receiving verification codes from services for registration;
  • Creating multiple accounts;
  • Increasing privacy when surfing the internet.

There are multiple use cases for online numbers. Their versatility is exactly what makes them so highly demanded nowadays.

Using an online phone number to receive SMS

SMS-Man offers some of the cheapest yet quality numbers on the market. You can use it to take advantage of online numbers in more than a hundred countries that are configured to receive SMS from any popular service like Facebook, Gmail, Tinder, and others. It literally takes only a few minutes and here is what to do to buy an online phone number on this platform:

  1. Sign up for account.
  2. Refill your balance using a suitable payment method.
  3. Proceed to the main page of the website and buy an online number from the desired country that is configured to receive SMS from the required service.
  4. Use the received number to register for the chosen platform.
  5. Click on “Get SMS” to reveal the verification code and finish registration.

Using online phone numbers with this company is a quick and secure process that doesn’t require a lot of effort. They work with every website and app using a phone number verification feature. Getting foreign numbers has never been easier.


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