How Can I Stage My House for the Cheap

How Can I Stage My House for the Cheap

Any home seller or real estate professional knows that you need a beautiful house if you want the property to sell. After all, no buyer wants to live in an ugly and untidy home. By the same token, commercial properties also need to look nice because you can’t attract potential clients if your office looks terrible. This is where virtual staging comes in. This 3-dimensional method allows you to spruce up any kind of property without breaking the bank. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can instantly decorate. Through the aid of software and a graphic editor, you can craft beautiful and realistic pictures of any property, making it more sellable. 

What Is Staging?

Staging is not a new concept because realtors have been doing this for decades to sell houses and commercial properties. Before software development, they had to rely on traditional home staging using an interior designer. For example, empty model houses are designed from top to bottom to make them look livable. Everything from the wallpaper to throw pillows are coordinated to exude a seamless design. The same goes for commercial properties that need to look professional and functional. 

Similarly, home re-sellers redecorate their existing space to attract buyers. They clear up clutter and update old, worn-out furniture. They add accent pieces and other embellishments to make everything look visually appealing. After all, buyers will only consider a home if they can imagine themselves living in it. It is hard to sell an empty space because some cannot visualize what to do with it. Furthermore, selling a disorganized, old home is just as difficult because no one wants a messy abode.

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What Makes Virtual Staging Different?

Although traditional staging possesses some benefits, most home sellers and realtors note that it can get expensive. When you analyze everything, buying new furniture, accent pieces, curtains, and other design accouterments costs a lot of money. You also invest a lot of time and effort mixing and matching all the elements. What happens when the home doesn’t sell right away? You don’t get an immediate return on your investment. Worst case scenario is needing to redecorate so you can make that sale. In this instance, you bleed more money. 

If you want to save your resources, virtual staging is the answer. It gives you all the benefits of traditional staging without the costly price tag. It’s cheaper because all you need to do is find a reputable graphic artist to make a realistic 3D rendering of the property you’re selling. You don’t have to buy any furniture for an empty property. At the same time, if you are re-selling an old home, you can redecorate everything with the software too. 

Noteworthy, you spend less when you leverage technology. Here’s what this approach can do for you:

  • Assures that you can transform an empty space into a warm and inviting property that buyers become more eager to close. 
  • Paves the way for you to reuse existing furniture pieces and decor to make photos of old homes more appealing to be sold in the 2nd hand market. 
  • Creates highly realistic and beautiful photos that attract buyers without overspending. 
  • Modify cluttered or worn out parts of a pre-loved house to make it look fresher. 

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Why Do Virtually Staged Properties Sell?

Aside from making properties beautiful, the best advantage of virtual staging is that it allows you to target the right market. In this modern digital world, everyone spends their time in the virtual arena. Today, statistics show that more than five billion people own a mobile device and within that gadget are at least two social media apps. Everything from online banking to home selling transpires in cyberspace. 

To attract your clientele, you need to rely on virtual staging to craft eye-catching pictures that grab attention. As such, you need to be where they hang out. Right now, that’s on various social media platforms because people use it to share photos, make announcements, read the news, and search for houses. 

Furthermore, research indicates that more than 80% of the home buying process begins with an online search. Since then, more than half of real-life home tours have also been booked through the web. This evidence suggests that the home buying market  relies on the internet to make their dream homes a beautiful reality. 

Hence, so you can achieve effective marketing results, you must send compelling content to your prospective buyers using the right methods, time, and place. Currently, that means going digital so you can reach out to them. When you virtually stage homes, you can use 3D images for:

  • Sprucing up your home listings online
  • Make your official website more informative
  • Crafting FB and IG pics that attract buyers 
  • Creating compelling slide shows on YouTube to give virtual tours
  • Sending e-newsletters to your subscribers
  • Giving out interactive messages via SMS, messenger, Viber, and the like
  • Printing brochures and flyers to conduct traditional marketing

Final Wrap Up

If you want more attention to your listings, you need to rely on virtual staging to make it happen. Selling an empty home proves to be an impossible task. In the same manner, selling a cluttered property won’t cut it. Your buyers will need to find the property appealing so they can consider buying it. If it doesn’t make an impact, it won’t sell. 

When you virtually stage a real estate property, you showcase it in the best possible light. You help your buyers imagine what it would be like to own and use that home. If your pictures resonate with people, you engage them into sharing, liking, and making comments. 

As such, expand your reach even more, allowing you to create more leads and create better conversion rates. If you want to improve your sales and increase your bottom line, you need to adapt and use technology to your advantage. Use the virtual world to book real-life home tours. Failure to do so means you will get left behind by your competition.

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