7 Drinks for Diabetes: Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

7 Drinks for Diabetes: Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

If you have diabetes, you need to keep track of your sugar intake. Be it food items or drinks. Along with monitoring the protein, carbohydrates, and fat in each meal, it is also significant to record your intake of drinks. The reason is whatever you eat, or drink converts into sugar and directly affects your body, giving you a spike in your blood sugar level. 

So here is a list of 7 Healthy drinks you must consume to keep your sugar level in control.

1. Water

Water is the best option to stay hydrated, whether you are a person with diabetes or not. The benefits of drinking enough water are:

  • Maintains a healthy body temperature
  • Eliminates the excess sugar from the blood through urine
  • Lubricates your joints
  • Smoothens your cognitive function

You can infuse plain water with apple, blueberry, orange, lemon, lime, basil, or mint.

2. Vegetable Juice

Most fruit juices are 100% sugar juice; you can replace these with vegetable juice. The most effective vegetable juice is tomato juice which is helpful for type 2 diabetes. You can make your DIY juice by mixing green vegetable juice, cucumbers, and celery with a few berries to add minerals and vitamins to your drink. 

3. Tea

Consumption of tea, be it herbal, green, black, caffeinated, or decaf– unsweetened or with recommended sweetness–is said to control your blood sugar level. Green tea lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and may help reduce blood pressure. If plain tea doesn’t appeal to you, add a slice of lemon for added flavour (Avoid adding honey or cream as they may affect your blood sugar content).

4. Substitutes of Milk

Doctors often recommend avoiding consuming sweetened milk or milk products as they are high in calories and sugar content. But there are a few milk substitutes, like milk from almonds, oats, rice, soy, or coconuts, that are dairy free and low in carbs. Always look at the product packaging, like soy and rice milk, to have a count of carbohydrates and sweetness.

5. Unsweetened Coffee

The 2019 study suggested that the consumption of coffee lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes by regulating blood sugar metabolism. Like tea, consume unsweetened coffee. Adding milk, cream, or sugar to your coffee may instantly spike your blood sugar level. Choose the available options of no or low-calorie sweeteners.

6. Lemon-Ginger Drink

Ginger effectively controls long-term blood sugar and prevents damage to the eyes caused by diabetes. Lemons have a low glycemic load and control the body’s metabolic activity. Mix some grated ginger with a few drops of lemon in hot water. 

7. Fruit Juice in Moderation

Fruits are a natural source of sugar. Fruit juices are suitable for a person with diabetes to drink in moderation. Small portions of fruit juice help in maintaining a healthy metabolism. Moreover, it is often recommended not to consume juice alone but with some foods to prevent instant blood sugar spikes. However, eating fruit to quench your thirst is more favourable than drinking juice. 

People Often Wonder…

Is Coconut Good for Diabetes?

People keep wondering, is coconut water good for diabetes? The answer is yes.

Coconut is 94% water, has low calories, a low glycemic index, and minimal natural sugar. Hence, doctors recommend consuming coconut water for a person with diabetes. This will not cause a spike in the blood sugar level and hence no diabetes.

Is Watermelon Good for Diabetics?  

When discussing things to add and avoid for diabetes, people with diabetes usually try to wrap their heads around things like, is watermelon good for diabetics? Watermelon has natural sugar, which may affect a person with diabetes, but if consumed in small portions can prove to be of slighter effect. According to experts, watermelon is good for diabetics only when eaten in moderation. It is high on the GI scale and has a low glycemic load, which proves it slightly affects blood sugar levels.

The bottom line

Whenever you choose a drink, always keep in mind the sweetness it has. So, to quench your thirst, choose water frequently. Some natural sweeteners that can be added to your drinks are fragrant herbs, a couple of crushed berries, and slices of citrus fruit. So next time, whenever you crave a drink, choose from these. They will help you regulate your metabolism and keep you healthy.

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