Want to grow your business? Host a 4th of July event

Want to grow your business? Host a 4th of July event

As the weather warms up, many businesses wonder how to take advantage of the changing seasons. One of the best ways to promote your business is with a 4th of July event! Industry research shows that 70% of people who attend a live marketing event turn into regular customers, and 95% of marketers say live events are the best way to forge real-life connections with potential buyers.

Here are five reasons why hosting a 4th of July event can help you boost your business and earn more customers.

Design colorful promotional flyers

It’s easy for potential customers to pass right over standard marketing promotions, especially if you use the same colors and messaging over and over. But when you’re getting ready to host an Independence Day event, it gives you an excuse to change things up and promote something different with colorful 4th of July flyers — but also still promote your brand.

Promoting your event is a great way to refresh your marketing efforts and capture people’s attention. All your 4th of July flyers and other promotional materials can be brightly colored in red, white, and blue, so you can really catch the eyes of passersby!

When it comes to designing the perfect promos, be sure to check out the free templates for 4th of July flyers on PosterMyWall. It’s the easiest way to get professionally designed flyers without needing professional design skills.

Increase brand awareness in the community

Most modern digital marketing targets a global audience, since it takes place on the internet. It’s not always easy to reach people in your local community, even though they’re the ones who will most likely purchase your products or services. That’s where a live event really shows its power.

People likely won’t travel from very far away to attend your event. You’re going to attract only people from the immediate area — in other words, your ideal audience. And even if someone from the area doesn’t attend your event, there’s a good chance they’ll see your 4th of July flyers around town or even talk to someone who did attend, which still increases your local brand awareness.

Live event marketing is one of the most powerful ways to boost your brand awareness locally.

Build partnerships with other local businesses

There are several components that make a good event. You’ll need plenty of activities, food, and entertainment if you really want to draw a crowd for your 4th of July event. All those needs mean you get to work with other local businesses and build more professional relationships.

Other local businesses aren’t always competition. In fact, they can even help you out! Either co-host or invite other local businesses to your 4th of July event to provide a better experience for your attendees. And because your event will be a success, participating businesses will remember you when it comes time to refer customers or even order your products and services for themselves.

Create live content for marketing channels

Live events aren’t just good for local marketing. You can also use your event to generate new content for your digital platforms, like your website or social media.

It’s not always easy to come up with new content ideas for your digital marketing platforms. Your 4th of July event will be filled with people enjoying your products and services (and your brand as a whole). Remember to bring your camera and capture plenty of content to upload to your website, social media, or any other platforms.

Just remember to get permission before posting images or videos of anyone from your event! You can also come up with a unique hashtag for your event and ask attendees to tag your brand and use the hashtag in their personal posts. That’ll help you gain new followers online and increase your reach online.

Let people get personal with your products and services

It’s not always easy for potential customers to get a feel for your products and services through online media alone. Some people like to get up close and personal to truly understand something. A live event, like a 4th of July bash, is the perfect opportunity to let potential customers get up close and personal with your products or services.

Almost two-thirds of people say that attending live events helps them understand a product or service better because they can have a direct experience with it. Use your 4th of July event to showcase your products and services to boost your business and gain new customers.

Host a 4th of July event to remember

Live events are a powerful way to grow your business. Not only does it increase brand awareness with the local community, but it also affords great opportunity to partner with other local businesses and let potential customers get up close and personal with your products and services. Plus, it’s just fun!When you’re ready to start promoting your 4th of July event, don’t forget to design plenty of small business flyers with templates from PosterMyWall. Make this summer your most productive yet, and grow your brand with a fun-for-all 4th of July event!

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