Free 1xbet installation: how safe and quickly install 1xbet on your device

Free 1xbet installation: how safe and quickly install 1xbet on your device

Betting gives users the opportunity to place bets without leaving their home. Unique gameplay, pleasant design, and convenient functionality attract a large number of players from around the world. The 1xbet betting platform is trying to optimize its work and provide players with new opportunities. Therefore, everyone can 1xbet app download.

Advantages of the 1xbet application

The betting application provides much more advantages than the site. Firstly, the application servers are placed directly on the player’s phone. This opens up the following advantages:

  • Fast speed of loading and response – since the information needs to go a lower distance, data processing is executed faster;
  • High stability – players do not need to use the mirror through the game in the application. Data transmission channels are invulnerable to hackers and regulatory organs;
  • The possibility of betting with a bad Internet – on the site there are banners and background tabs that consume traffic. The application works without secondary background actions.

Secondly, the application has an adaptability function, and players can receive additional gifts for installing the 1xbet application.

How to install the application

You can install the 1xbet application, both on the phone and on the tablet. The installation for these devices is identical, thanks to the adaptive function of the application, which in automatic mode is adjusted to the screen resolution. The difference is only in the operating system: Android and iOS. Consider separately the instructions for each method.


The 1xbet app is not in the Android Applications store. But this operating system allows the installation through the APK file. Therefore, we go to the 1xbet betting platform website and download the Android file in the “Appendix” section.

After downloading the file, it needs to be unpacked by pressing it and allowing all the requested actions. After that, the application can be launched and used. If you need to update it, then we upload a new version on the betting platform website and install it in an identical way. It is not necessary to delete the old application. All data will be saved.


Installation for iOS is carried out exclusively through an application store. You can manually perform this function by indicating the name of the betting platform in the search bar, or go to the 1xbet website and press the iOS icon in the “Appendix” section.

Next, you only need to confirm the installation and wait until the system automatically performs all the necessary actions. Update is possible through an application store.


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